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Update: Philip Gamble has issued a statement about the post. According to him, Jinxtengu is actually an authorized writer for the Game Maker blog. However, Jinxtengu (who has only posted once before) decided to make this news article into a strong political statement. Philip, who was unaware of the article said “I would have preferred it if [Jinxtengu] had checked with me first as tuntis has done on several occasions, but I can’t change the past.

Phillip also says he will be implementing measures to try an avoid something like this happening the future, “In my next e-mail to contributors I will ask that any posts of this nature are approved by me first.”

Original Article:

A strange news article appeared on the GameMaker Blog today. According to the about page, the blog has three authors, Philip Gamble, Tuntis, and Grego. This particular post is not written by any of the three, but by a Jinxtengu.

The actual post is entitled “The Mark Overmars Suicide Cult” and goes on to encourage users to commit suicide and sacrifice their soul to the Department of Information and Computing Sciences at the Utrecht University where Mark Overmars is a professor.

The article is quite disturbing, and from the looks of it, there may be a compromise in the blog’s security measures that has allowed this user to gain full access to the blog site. It is unclear whether or not the owner, Philip Gamble, still has any control or Administration status over the blog, however no statement has been issued by Philip yet, nor has the post been removed.

The author of the article, Jinxtengu can be found across the internet. Wikipedia has a short blurb which tells us this user has abused one or more accounts on their system.

Edit: It appears Jinxtengu has stated the post is a ‘joke’ (despite it being of a very serious and disturbing nature) in a comment on the article. We still however do not have any evidence to support that Jinxtengu is an authorized writer for the GameMakerBlog, as the blog’s about page clearly does not confirm this.

It is also interesting to note that the browser title bar reads “best greatest manga” on the page where the article exists.

17 Responses

  1. That same message appeared on GMC an hour or so ago. It was promptly deleted.

  2. I didn’t find it disturbing or serious at all.

  3. despite the comment claiming it as a joke I don’t think you can fully trust someone who has a page on their site which can give people seizures called the “seizure page”, not to mention that stuff about wikipedia.

  4. Jinxtengu has made another post in GMB and he’s a legit GMB writer (assuming that because his other post hasn’t been deleted). I found the article quite hilarious myself.

    – tuntis

  5. […] of you were concerned, the story was even picked up over at gmnews: The article is quite disturbing, and from the looks of it, there may be a compromise in the […]

  6. Well first of let me say this: Suicide is never the answer! If anyone is having doubts about this get help NOW! That being said, it is very easy to see this is all unofficial. A post such as this from Mark himself would ruin him. Mark Overmars is not a God or Idol to me, so I was not bothered. Sadly some are influenced by such cyber bullying every day.

  7. How could that possibly be mistaken for disturbing or serious? It’s obviously a joke…

  8. Someone who finds humour in suicide and death is disturbing. Especially when many members of the community are still affected by the death (suicide) of Shawn64, a respected Game Maker user.

  9. Jinxtengu makes really cool games.

  10. Wow GMNews! You sure as hell know how to make drama from a obvious joke.

    Get over it.

  11. To see Jinxtengu’s great games, go to


    Have fun.

  12. Before I read the article, I took what you were saying to heart, that it was disturbing, etc. However, after actually reading it, I found that you were all making a bit deal out of nothing. The article is not even remotely serious. No one in their right mind would take that thing seriously! What the heck is wrong with you?

  13. Why am I no longer being described as an elite and all powerful hacker?

  14. Aren’t you bit overreacting to the silly post Jinxtengu made?

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