64Digits Disaster

In the wake of the decompiler release, several staff member decided to demote GearGOD due to numerous complaints and less-than-true accusations of spreading the decompiler through the site. He then proceeded to hack the site again and post screenshots of v3. The staff are still somewhat disorganized. Arcalyth has resigned, and rumor has it that flashback will as well.

64Digits v3 Beta

This was followed by a rush of people declaring that they were quitting the site, and several flame wars ensued in blogs. At the moment the site is functional but in chaos, and plans are being drafted for a completely new community, codenamed Phoenix.

The central location for this new planning is http://reform64.wordpress.com/ UPDATE: Rumor has it that Phoenix is now disbanded.

10 Responses

  1. ‘Pheonix’ or ‘Phoenix’?

    Also, didn’t know GearGOD had such a bad temper. I know he’s a good coder but I can conclude from this he’s not the most friendly person around…

  2. Ok, I read it was ‘Phoenix’ so it’s a typo on your part 😛

    Just went to 64 digits. Chaos is an understatement. Are those last posts I see really from the original staff? (I’m not that familiar with 64D)
    If so, I think this is a fine time for a fresh start.

  3. Does anyone have a link to the screenshots?

    I’m interested now 😉

  4. I saw one screen shot and a some shouting moments before 64D cleaned up its front page. It’s all pretty underwhelming. I don’t want to piss anyone off by reposting it. If you want to find it, the JPEG is hosted on imageshack’s 152nd server, in a folder that is the year Les Miserables was published, with a filename that is a common 2 character abbreviation for “version three” followed by what might be a 2 letter abbreviation for the word “sucks” ending with a single numeral representing the security at 64D. 😉

  5. I thought I uploaded the screenshot to this post. Thanks for noticing the problems; I’ve fixed the errors.

  6. UPDATE: they’re not abandoning it.

    Quote from 64D:

    January 27, 2008

    As many will already know, we have recently had an attack by a previous staff member. The attack was a retaliation to being de-staffed. Many members have taken this as some sort of apocalypse sign; 64Digits is not being taken down. For now, blogs basing their content solely on the events will not be allowed on the front page, there has been a spam of such blogs. Also, a reminder that blogs are text-based, links are fine but your content cannot rely solely on an external link.

    DesertFox edit:

    Still Alive

    That song says everything.”

  7. Joerdgs, a good coder is not necessarily a good person. This kid is bad and he’s going to get it soon…

    I think the community of 64 digits put their efforts on the site but left out security issues. I could help them as I have the knowledge. Btw, I have also coded a program that defeats geargod’s crappy decompiler…

  8. Seriously if they needed someone with skills in php and mysql, who works heavily on protection, I could help them.

  9. […] in News that I missed yesterday, 64Digits is in ruins again shortly after a Full 5.3A to 7.0 Decompiler’s release. [it is no longer […]

  10. For the record, GG didn’t exploit a security hole when he blew up like this; he already had access to things due to his modship.

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