Full GM Decmpiler in the Wild

Yesterday a complete, cross-platform Game Maker decompiler was released. The tool was authored by several people and published by GearGOD. The Java program takes a Game Maker exe file v5.3A-7.0 and decompiles it to an editable.

There’s never anything you can do to keep any program 100% safe. You can only ever make it harder to break into. In cases like this, it will only ever take one person to break it and then everyone can do it, because it gets distributed like this. -Yourself

I don’t have a problem with something like this being posted on <removed>. I don’t have a problem with it being posted at 64D, myspace, youtube, or some random porn site for that matter.

I don’t think it should be posted at the GMC though. Especially by someone who I’ve never heard of, and has probably never even came close to making a game. Should it be discussed, and remedied? Yes. Will 90% of the GMC add useful input to such a discussion? <expletive> no. -t3mp3st

Note to commentators: any links or other information on locating the decompiler will be removed. True, it’s not hard to find, but we don’t need to make it any worse than it is.

26 Responses

  1. It was bound to happen… tools in the wrong hands.

  2. Oh well. That sucks. Can’t wait till we have quantum encryption…

  3. My quantum computer laughs at your quantum encryption.

  4. I lost the source code of my game, because my laptop was stolen. This might help, but I don’t think it can bring the exact gmk back. But if I can get the source, other people can too… 😦

  5. Ding! Downloaded! hehehehe……

    Well GM can now look into DRM support(Not the default one..)

  6. I feel bad for the reflex system. Now anyone can see how they set up sessions and what messages they send. This could easily be manipulated to set up a bunch of false sessions from some application that when someone from the actual game tries to join, they will simply get spammes by messages that makes their client act weird and do weird stuff.

    But for most games I don’t think this will have any impact at all…

  7. Anonymous, people have been able to see what messages are sent to the server since the day the Reflect system was set up. The scripts that it uses have been able to be ripped from games since the first game was released. This is old news, and there is no reason to feel bad for the system because nothing is going to change.

  8. Why they don’t just sue that b*****d geargod for hacking the site and get this over with already?

    Moderated by Scorptek

  9. I can’t find the decompiler anywhere.

  10. I support the distribution of this GM Decompiler. If I’m not mistaken, this was made with GameMaker.

    It’s a good tool to recover your source code when you lose the source file.

    It’s also a good tool to demonstrate how vulnerably GM files are.

    For those of you complaining that this will only make matters worse for GM (because YoyoGames won’t do anything about it) use a different program.

  11. It was not made with Game Maker; it is Java.

  12. but it’s not cross platform (tested)

    Scorptek edit: The article author successfully tested the decompiler in Ubuntu Linux.

  13. “I can’t find the decompiler anywhere.”

    Maybe don’t give away who you are next time you say something as stupid as that, Bobserge?

  14. An interesting comment on the g-java forums, where TGMG tells everyone how to protect their exe’s.


    jake0036 accuses TGMG of developing the decompiler.

    “well TGMG if you wouldn’t of created the damn thing this woundn’t of happened
    and you can ban me if you want but I have the im records of you talking about a universal game maker java exe decomp”

    Let’s see how TGMG responds.

  15. TGMG didn’t create.

  16. […] in News that I missed yesterday, 64Digits is in ruins again shortly after a Full 5.3A to 7.0 Decompiler’s release. [it is no longer […]

  17. I heard about the evil program and knew the best way to make people not to hack with it. It is by removing the Download button from any game and leaving the instant play 😉

  18. salehhamadeh – Well that would work, unless people would know that when using instantplay the game is still downloaded… Which isn’t that secure either.

  19. €1000 or $1700 for who ever wants to sell me the docompiler.

    It is a good way of laerning.

  20. jesuslovesu – It is’t for sale, it’s free. And it isn’t a good way of learning either. Usually those that decompile games for learning don’t learn at all.

  21. […] Initial source of news: Decompiler announcement at gmnews […]

  22. members.fortunecity.com/neshkov/dj.html

    oh well everything can be decompiled including this decompiler. XD

  23. Just to have an interresting example:

    Silentwalk FPS Creator 2 is in-decompilable with the GM decompiler, and the .gm6 and .gmd files that follows with it is 0kb… Now how did that happen?

    Either the program is not made with GM, or someone actually found a way to secure the files. =D

  24. LOL. I have downloaded the decompiler and decompiled the decompiler (just to see how the gm format works!).


    I know how to secure my games! And for smarty pants thats going to say “Nothing is secure”, I’m going to agree with him. But this will make the game harder to decompile!


    Someone else made it, he was just distributing it, just to make this clear.

    Someone else made it, he was just distributing it, just to make this clear.”

    Yeah, because publish is the same as ‘make’ and not ‘distribute’ amirite?

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