GMRumors Closing Down

Due to lack of interest and public opinion, GMRumors is closing down. A final post has been made, and the site will be left open for comments and historical purposes.

One final post has been made (although it really isn’t a rumor). You can view the grand finale here.

7 Responses

  1. Well who reads GmRumors?

  2. Not enough people obviously

  3. I liked the idea, but there was not enough rumors to enjoy. I suppose it would have been hard to get them anyway without turning into stalkers.

  4. Also, they turned in one of their rumor sources to YoYoGames, which pretty much rendered anyone who had a rumor to give unwilling. Not sad to see this go.

  5. The problem is that everyone forgets about it or doesent know about it. You had one small link on this page. You should of made it more obvious.
    The only reason I remember this page is because of the GM google gadget. (though that thing is seriously out of date,)

  6. Without fresh content people won’t check back, and then people can’t be bothered to post more content – hence it is hard to get out of the decline.

    Closing it probably created more publicity than you would have got for the site than if it remained open though….

  7. …………. i read this every day…… and all my freinds and people i know read with me…..

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