GM7 “Crack” Virus on YYG

Today Game Maker Blog had a post concerning a “crack” for GM7 Pro, hosted on YoyoGames’ own web site. This file, called “gm70_drxj.exe”, contains another file called “DrXJ.exe” and is a trojan horse program disguised as a Game Maker crack.

Note that the same file was uploaded twice with identical descriptions. Do not download or run this file.

The virus was uploaded by a member named lukass who joined Oct 11th, 07. YoyoGames was apparently notified of this quite a while ago, but no action has yet been taken.

32 Responses

  1. Waiit, that’s very sneaky!
    My crack is one DrXJ, and it’s clean (Don’t worry, I paid for GM6, but GM7 unreged itself, ironic that I’ve never had a problem, yet ‘legal’ users have,eh?)

    Still, it’s in their interests to stop people from using cracks, so if the spread the information that they’re all system destroying virii, well. Who knows, eh?

  2. we wait ages for a post, and then 2 come along at once. 😀 Glad to see you’re keeping the site alive. I think this fake crack has been on YoYo for over a month now, and they haven’t done anything about it. Although I could be wrong, I’m using what was written on According to the article there, there was even a (now deleted) GMC topic about it. YoYo really should do something about this, but they just don’t seem to care. They are so slow to do anything about problems like this. The imposter Mark Overmarses, for example, have been on YoYo for weeks now, yet on the GMC they would have been banned within (at the maximum) a few hours.

  3. Hmm this is new to me. Ah well suits well to all those that tried it. 😉
    Honest users shouldn’t bothered with this though.

  4. I’ve paid for my registered version already, so no need for this 😛

  5. I paid for GM6, that should count, right?
    I didn’t have a net connection, and really couldn’t be bothered after I heard all of the scare stories, so… I just gots myself a crack, and it’s been perfect ever since.

  6. @ Phazon Yoshi – Not exactly. Morally: by using the crack, you’re still promoting that crack, not a genuinine one. Legally: Whatever you’re doing, you’re still using a stolen/pirated item.

  7. you mean they don’t check the software on their site for viruses? That’s really awful. I mean, how hard is it to, when the receive a file, right click on it and click “Scan with Norton AntiVirus” or if they’re cheap, “Scan With ClamWin” ?

  8. Yeah, I know it wouldn’t hold up in any court, but still.

  9. cause msr, they’re using a server, probably with no monitors or even graphics card, an on top of that, it just doesn’t work that way since it would take too long to “right-click” each submitted file, overall they’re better off with a python script or ruby or whatever, overall msr, you fail miserably..

  10. Anonymous Coward, I was being slightly facetious. I wasn’t suggesting that they actually right click on ever single file they receive. I WAS suggesting that they do something about it, because there’s no excuse for hosting a virus.

  11. Oh come on, you can’t complain on that, both of you, I believe are human and organic, containing thousands and millions of germs and viruses. So you can’t complain on one found on a particular computer.
    The thing is, people are taking things pretty much lightly. Having a game on YYG doesn’t mean at all that it is secure. People simply want to act as lazy as possible, letting/prentending that other persons do their work for them.
    That said, hope that all those idiots that got the virus finally learned the lesson to at least check a crack before innescating the bomb themselves. Better still, they could forget pirateware and get a life at least by earning software legally.

  12. There was a guy with the same name who uploaded a virus called gm60_drxj.exe to . I banned him from the site.

  13. I agree w/ CS, you can’t complain about the virus at all. To tell you the truth, I think they did it on purpose, and had a right to. They worked hard on that program, and still do. Who are we to take advantage of their hard work by cracking their software. Whoever thinks they can answer that deserves a virus in their system.

  14. I would like to point that that I’ve been using Game Maker since version 4.2.
    I have paid for my key, and when version 7 came out, I used it to register.
    But, then I reinstalled Windows, and now YoYo Games refuses to recognize my key.

    Which is the thing about registration systems: they hurt the paying customers the most, the pirates don’t care.

    I use the DrXj.exe crack so I can use the service I paid for.
    The old registration was much nicer, but easier to crack.

  15. Actually, the crack works completely.
    What I’m unsure of is whether it actually has a load of crap packed up with it.

  16. If you would like me to analyze the EXE File for any unwanted objects, please place it in a RAR Archive, and email it to ANETGames@gmail. Subject: Analyze. Your results will come back within a few hours usually.

  17. I used this after i did a restore and my GM 7.0 unregistered. My AVG virus did detect it as a virus and later i ended up with a rogue program that re installed itself after you deleted it. I had to spend a few days trying to get it off.

  18. @Deo,

    thats interesting…
    I hate programs that don’t clean up after themselfs, and ones that re-install them selfs or the uninstaller won’t work… still, you shouldn’t play games when they are trojan horses…


  19. that drxj thing worked for me perfectly, although i have several antivirus programs on mi computer incl. norton 360 & mcaffee

  20. @osiadfhsadkjf
    how do you pronounce that 😆

    thats strange… I thought that most av programs could detect it as a virus… oh well… I guess that mcaffee and norton are worse than I thought, I use “AVG” free by Gissoft. very well done. matter of fact, it has said before a long time ago that 6 gm games were trojan horses, but i guess it changed it’s mind scence…

  21. The drxj crack is no “fake”. It is a loader. Many Anti-Virus programs picks it up as a virus because of it’s binary signature. Although they do have the same binary signature as a virus, it is in no way a virus. It is mistaken as a virus just as WPE Pro, and Cheat Engine are sometimes mistaken as viruses. It does work and I know because my friend has been using the crack since it was posted on yoyogames.


  22. There is a “live” trojan version doing the rounds as well as “clean” versions (cracked).

    It’s the same with many cracked programs. Some one finds a way to crack it and then later some one adds some malware to the cracked code for a laugh.

    After all, if a user decides to use an illegal or cracked copy of a legitmate program they can hardly complain to the software house now can they ?

  23. o_O it’s not a virus program – and it is no fake

  24. i just bought the program and the registration system didn’t work, and I still use a lite version. Sucks that I went and paid honestly but the company seems to care more about making cracking harder than actually delivering me a working copy of the software I payed for. If you ask me, they deserve every buck they lose to cracked versions.

  25. ok yea i downloaded the drxj and its real. like what 20yearsoldude and shared xs said. Game Maker 7.0 Lite –> Game Maker 7.0 Pro. woot. just that you run drxj instead of the one that came in the installer. you can find it anywhere

  26. Seriously, people, it doesn’t cost that much. Is a “crack” worth crashing your whole system which is obviously more expensive than the program?

  27. The problem–as plenty of folks now know–is that Softwrap does not work consistently, and continues to actively “manage” the license after it’s been “activated”.

    With Softwrap, there are a limited number of reinstalls, (stupid, in this day and age), and the license has the ability and apparent tendency to uninstall itself at random….

    I wouldn’t encourage downloading supposed cracked versions, but I can certainly sympathize with those who are tempted to crack the software they’ve already paid for!

    The only “solution” is to contact Softwarp and sit around waiting for a response. Since I already have a paid license, I’ll continue to reactivate now and then, but it sure takes the fun out of cranking up GM7 to throw together a little application.

    At this point, all I can say is, I won’t be buying anything from Yoyo Games again, or from anyone else who uses Softwrap.

  28. I just visited the softwrap homepage. Did I get it right? If you pay for GM7 or any other software protected by softwrap, they monitor you? Your use of the programm, how often you use it, if you try to crack it etc.?

  29. ummmmm… i downloaded this crack nd i had no problems i scanned it with avg nd i had no probs at all i think yoyo games has told lies so ppl will but there reg key

  30. If you want the no-trojan hack, use the program DrXj.exe, not the installer it is packed in. I downloaded both of them, and AVG only deleted the installer. The crack works wonders, and is amazingly useful for 3D games. The installer, however, is in-fact a trojan. I had to reinstall a fresh copy of Windows Vista (Windows 6) just to get my computer up and running. The only reason that I am using a crack is because of Windows Vista. I’m not about to shell out $125 just for Windows XP (Windows 5), especially when Windows 7 is coming out in a few days…

    Oh, and the reason XP is faster than Vista is because the system is OLDER! DOS is faster than XP, but people don’t use that anymore, do they?

    ——Windows Timeline——
    Windows 1 –16bit
    Windows 2 –16bit
    Windows 3 –16bit
    Windows NT (3) –32bit
    Windows 95 (4.0) –32bit
    Windows 98 (4.1) –32bit
    Windows 98 SE (4.2) –32bit
    Windows ME (4.3) –32bit
    Windows 2000 (5.0) –32bit
    Windows XP (5.1) –32bit
    Windows XP 64 –64bit
    Windows Vista (6.0) –32bit -i own
    Windows Vista 64 –64bit
    Windows 7 –32bit
    Windows 7 64 –64bit

  31. Also, I already paid for 6, and later 7, but 6 won’t work, and 7 is softwrap, which I think should be considered a virus.

  32. Some people don’t have the money to spend on GM7 pro. @Christian Sciberras : Stop being so stuck up. Not everyone has a credit card. I have at least 5000$ dollars worth of programs on my desktop computer. As an example: I do small time website editing for small cash. I’m not going to spend 600-800$ on a program to edit a website. First of all, I don’t have that kind of money, second of all, it’s extremely impractical to assume everyone who uses the internet has money. Ever hear of wifi hotspots? Anyway, for all those coders out there, it’s really hard to find a legit DR XJ hack. It takes about an hour to find one that isn’t a virus, and by then you don’t check to see if it’s a false positive or not. The REAL DR XJ is only a false positive since it changes an executables file information. If you really want to make sure you’re safe, you can upload the file to a free sandbox website which will run the program in a contained, fake version of windows. If it attacks the sandbox, then the sandbox shuts down and they tell you that.

    -Happy hunting, cheers to the poor.

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