Mashables Makes Up

A few weeks ago, Jim Peddie of YoyoGames asked in a GLOG entry for users to nominate YYG in the Open Web Awards (run by Many users enthusiastically went to the site and nominated, easily pulling ahead of most of the other entries.

However, the two most popular entries, YoyoGames and Cre8buzz, were removed from the nominations because Adam Hirsch of Mashables thought that the sites were gaming the system, due to several entries posted from the same IP address.

Yesterday Jim from YoyoGames posted a topic on the GMC about the issue, and wrote an open letter to Mashables asking why YoyoGames and Cre8buzz were not nominated. After some heated discussion, Hirsch apologized for what he called “bad judgement”. The arguing didn’t stop however, until Mark Overmars made a post which asked GMC and YYG members to stop attacking Hirsch and tried to change the subject. Hirsch replied thanking him and said that Mashables was talking with Cre8buzz and YoyoGames about the issue.

Earlier today, Adam Hirsch posted again saying that YoyoGames and Cre8buzz will be allowed to proceed in the contest, after which Jim Peddie closed the GMC topic and added this note to the GLOG entry:

In any event this is a great result. The vote opens on Monday, so I’ll post again then meanwhile tell everyone you know they want to vote for YoYo (From different IP addresses!).

Vote for YYG in The Crunchies

YoyoGames is requesting that users vote for them in another online contest. Voting for YYG in the Crunchies is very easy; just visit the site and hit the nominate buttons.

The current plan is to nominate YoyoGames for “Best user-generated content site” and “Best overall”. So please go and help garner more publicity for your games.

The nominations end on Dec 12th at midnight, after which the Crunchies Committy will choose five finalists for each category. Voting will start on Monday, Dec 13th (which is very odd as Dec 13th is a Thursday), and will last about a month. The awards ceremony will then take place at a fancy old hotel in San Francisco.

GMRumors Closing Down

Due to lack of interest and public opinion, GMRumors is closing down. A final post has been made, and the site will be left open for comments and historical purposes.

One final post has been made (although it really isn’t a rumor). You can view the grand finale here.

GM7 “Crack” Virus on YYG

Today Game Maker Blog had a post concerning a “crack” for GM7 Pro, hosted on YoyoGames’ own web site. This file, called “gm70_drxj.exe”, contains another file called “DrXJ.exe” and is a trojan horse program disguised as a Game Maker crack.

Note that the same file was uploaded twice with identical descriptions. Do not download or run this file.

The virus was uploaded by a member named lukass who joined Oct 11th, 07. YoyoGames was apparently notified of this quite a while ago, but no action has yet been taken.

GMRace Finals

The final voting for the GMRace has begun. The final vote is public and open to all GMC members. The five contestants are:

Freeze, Melt, Vaporize by Jesper
Mount Contradiction by ribruin
Orbiter by Jolly Green Giant
The Meltdown by jelleisgoed
Triton by EDGE

Please go to and vote! Results will be released on the first of 2008.