Overmars Retiring?

Since there has been a recent shortage of news for this site, we have decided to publish this for your amusement.

On November 1st a fake Mark Overmars made a topic on the GMC claiming that he was no longer developing Game Maker, and that YoyoGames was taking over and paying him a pension. He said that Game Maker was going to be replaced with a flash development kit.

For your enjoyment: Game Maker Is Over
(Much thanks to GearGOD for providing us with a save of the topic before it was deleted.)

Side note: an update concerning GM on Linux has been posted to the previous article.


7 Responses

  1. LOL.. all I have to say.. lol

  2. Haha, quite a good joke 😉

    But this isn’t exactly GM news now is it? I rather have you doing some game reviews of recent hits on Yo Yo Games than posting these kind of things…

  3. Shouldn’t this be on the Rumours blog?

  4. I didn’t think so because it isn’t a rumor; it’s a joke.

  5. It’s no joke. I hear he’s going to play Obi Wan in the GM remake of Star Wars.

  6. Lol

    I cant believe people fell for that 😀

  7. lol 😀 i cant say more

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