Game Maker Mac Screenshot

Today Sandy Duncan, back from vacation, posted an update to the YoyoGames GLOG. He said, among other things, that he has been talking to more investors about funding YYG and that there is another staff member, James Peddie, who will be a marketing assistant.

Sandy also posted a screenshot of Game Maker running on a Mac, which appears to have the enviable ability to float Game Maker’s dialogues outside the main window. There is currently no word on WINE compatibility.

He also said that has over 8,000 games uploaded to it, and that the moderator tools are being revamped to allow more efficient site moderation.

Update: In the blog comments Sandy said that there Linux compatibility should be easy once the C++ runner is complete. He also said that there is a  possibility of Game Maker going open-source, but that it wouldn’t even be considered until the next version of Game Maker is released.


5 Responses

  1. Finally corrected my RSS for the Yo Yo blog. I had a old one or something. Wondered why they weren’t updating :S

  2. I love the way there’s a purple square around the “OK” check mark… And the way the text is squashed.
    I’m sure they’ll fix that.

  3. This is just a portal for reposting Glog material, isn’t it?

  4. Yes, it appears to be 🙂

  5. Well, there has been a terrible news shortage lately.

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