64Digits Wars

After being online for several weeks, 64Digits was offline for several minutes yesterday. The site has a history of frequent downtime, but after the most recent server move it has been comparatively stable.

However, the recent short downtime has an interesting story behind it. Well-known member GearGOD was banned after misusing Javascript to post hardcore porn visible only to another member, sk8m8trix. GearGOD then unbanned himself once, and site admin ludamad banned him again.

He attempted again to unban himself, but 64Digit’s staff had apparently locked him out successfully. The site then experienced a flood of MySQL errors for unknown reasons and went offline for a few minutes. The site was quickly restored, but today GearGOD took over ludamad’s account and made a 64Digits news post under ludamad’s name. All of ludamad’s blogs were also deleted and his preferences wiped.

The news post asked user what they thought should be done about GearGOD, and “made me [ludamad] sound stupid”. The comments on the post were quite entertaining with almost every opinion imaginable heatedly expressed. The post has since been deleted.

When asked for comment, GearGOD said “if you [expletive] with me, there are consequences”.

GMTV Episode

The long-awaited release of GMTV Episode 1 has finally arrived, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Despite many technical setbacks and lots of public skepticism, Eggers and Revel finally came through with lots of great content. The show’s production is of semi-professional quality, and the segments fit together fairly well. The main problem so far seems to be a disconnect between the verbal reviews and the numerical scores, which seem wildly different at times.

The community response has been mixed, with compliments such as:

“Very interesting I love the show” -Fox USA

“Wow, that was a lot better than I thought. The reviews were decent, the quality was fine, and your speech was good.” -Mordi

And some healthy criticism such as:

“The worst part about it was the rating you gave. Like someone else mentioned, you verbally tore the game apart in most aspects, yet still gave it a 4/5. Yes, it’s an enjoyable game… But realize that the rating system should cover the worst GM games ever made, and also some of the best. There are some games out there that completely wipe Gravitouch off the map in terms of graphics, fun factor, sound, and much more, yet only have the possibility of getting 1 more point.” -JaketheSnake3636

We at GMNews certainly hope that episodes will only improve with time.

Yoyo Games Winter Competition

Hot on the heels of the GM Race, YoYoGames has announced a winter competition with a $1000 first prize, $500 second prize and $250 third prize.

Games must be submitted by 12:00 AM GMT on Dec 23rd, 2007. The judging will be done by YYG and Prof. Overmars, but they will rely on public opinion. Games must use a winter theme.

Games must be made with Game Maker 6 or later, Pro or Lite. Teams are not allowed. Games can be made in the past, but only if it has not already been published on Yoyogames. Fullscreen or resolution-changing games are not allowed. Two entries are allowed per person.

Official Rules (PDF)
Competition Page
YYG GLOG Announcement
Overmars GLOG Announcement
GMC Announcement

This looks to be the biggest Game Maker competition to date, and you definitely won’t want to miss out.

Overmars Retiring?

Since there has been a recent shortage of news for this site, we have decided to publish this for your amusement.

On November 1st a fake Mark Overmars made a topic on the GMC claiming that he was no longer developing Game Maker, and that YoyoGames was taking over and paying him a pension. He said that Game Maker was going to be replaced with a flash development kit.

For your enjoyment: Game Maker Is Over
(Much thanks to GearGOD for providing us with a save of the topic before it was deleted.)

Side note: an update concerning GM on Linux has been posted to the previous article.

Game Maker Mac Screenshot

Today Sandy Duncan, back from vacation, posted an update to the YoyoGames GLOG. He said, among other things, that he has been talking to more investors about funding YYG and that there is another staff member, James Peddie, who will be a marketing assistant.

Sandy also posted a screenshot of Game Maker running on a Mac, which appears to have the enviable ability to float Game Maker’s dialogues outside the main window. There is currently no word on WINE compatibility.

He also said that yoyogames.com has over 8,000 games uploaded to it, and that the moderator tools are being revamped to allow more efficient site moderation.

Update: In the blog comments Sandy said that there Linux compatibility should be easy once the C++ runner is complete. He also said that there is a  possibility of Game Maker going open-source, but that it wouldn’t even be considered until the next version of Game Maker is released.