New Design

Every so often, we like to spice things up a bit and introduce a new change into the old normal routine. Because if our lives were all routine, we would be quite boring individuals.

Feel free to comment, add suggestions or constructive criticisms about the new design. We are open to all of our readers’ opinions and appreciate any ideas.

We decided to maintain the previous three-column style interface with current/active information on the left side-bar, content in the middle, and static/archived information on the right sidebar, as we believe this is an effective way to organize the page content.  In addition, we have added a custom banner with our Scorptek logo.

This design may change in the future, as it has done in the past.

Easter Egg 🙂


17 Responses

  1. wasn’t the old one default? that would make the ‘every so often’ thing a bit weird…

    Also, one thing you might want to consider is hosting on your own server. That would give you a lot more control.

  2. Actually the old one wasn’t default, and we also modified the colours on it to reflect a Scorptek image.

    Since this site was started, I think we’ve probably changed designs 6 or 7 times.. although I haven’t been keeping track.

    Yes we have considered hosting on our Scorptek server, however there are very specific reasons why we have chosen not to. Some advantages of keeping it on the current server include reliability, additional support, additional features and plug-ins that are included with the current service, but not with a standalone WP blog. Also, there are a significant number of websites using this address to retrieve RSS feeds, as well as software Scorptek has created.

    We will however be purchasing a Word Press upgrade in the near future that will enable us to have further control in the design and feature aspects of the page that will allow us to better integrate it into our future Scorptek website design.

  3. Haha.. nice new theme!

    Funny little easter egg, a little obvious, though..

    Just a few things to make the new theme better:

    1. In the bottom-left corner the Giveaway of the day advertisement gets a little cut off on the right side. It looks like it is because you have the ad aligned with the text heading reading “Software Giveaways” directly above the ad.

    2. The title image text is a little blurry, and the image also seems a little.. empty, perhaps a little bit more on it?

    Good luck!


    P.S. When will the website be done with the updating?

  4. Title image is bad jpeg quality… DONT SAVE JPEGS WITH PAINT!! Make it .png or something…

  5. I didn’t save it as a JPEG nor did I use paint. I am a qualified Multimedia developer, not a novice. The reason the image appears blurry or highly compressed is because WordPress automatically compresses all uploaded images (including banners) to (what I find to be) an unacceptable quality. I’m not happy about it either, and I’m still working on correcting it, even if it means contacting WordPress support.

    It doesn’t matter if you upload a 100% quality png, an maximum quality jpeg or a 256 adaptive pallet GIF, they all turn out looking the same poor quality after uploading unfortunately.

  6. Wow, same design as my site – – anyway its nice to see that this site is actually getting updated.

  7. LOL

    Just one more reason to host it on your server.

  8. Perhaps it is one more, but it doesn’t make a difference since there are still many more reasons to host it on the WordPress server than the Scorptek one, for the time being.

    It may be necessary to do a parallel change over in the future (whereby we maintain both this site and one on our server) for a period of time while we notify users of the change and release new versions of our software containing RSS feeds from this page. However, we have not decided to do this yet.

    As stated above there are several reasons why Scorptek has chosen to remain here. It is not that we have not considered to move, nor is it we are not capable of moving, however you must consider that in a business operation we cannot make split-second decisions like this and choose to immediately move the entire site over to somewhere else. We have to understand exactly who the move will and can affect, how it will affect them, the impact of the move in general in terms of software, rss feeds, site traffic, Google Page Ranking etc. And then determine whether it is worth all of this, just so we can have a little more control and left with a lot more responsibility.

    As we said in a comment above, Scorptek will be purchasing an upgrade soon to allow us to have full control over the design and CSS of this blog, so the design element will not be a factor in the future.

  9. Nice to see more time is being put into this site once again.
    Good clean design 😉

  10. Love the new design 😀 it’s much better than the old one!

  11. Um, the design change appears to have screwed up the google gadget.

    Ohter than that, I think it’s great!

  12. Nevermind, now it’s working

  13. It seems to be working on and off, Scorptek, please fix this!

  14. Sorry, our host is having some temporary down-time while they make various upgrades and maintenance. This will affect the GM Google gadget, and you shouldn’t experience any problems later on today/tomorrow.

  15. Sweet design! Personaly, I think the banner doesn’t really matter, it would be nice if it were of full quality, but… I mostly come here for the news! lol

  16. I have visited your site 900-times

  17. I could not find this site in the Search Engines index

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