GMTech Issue 8 Released

Game Maker Technology magazine has just released Issue 8 of their e-magazine. It can be accessed from their website, or from the GMC topic.

This issue was expected to be released earlier, but was delayed several times. But better late than never.

October Update

Mark Overmars has updated his personal blog with a new post which will assist you in finding high quality (and legal) graphics resources for game development. He has compiled a great list of sites for you to check out when you have a few minutes, and hopefully over time we’ll see higher quality games on the YoYo Games website. As Mark points out, and I’m sure many of you will agree to, many of the games currently on the YoYo Games website have good game-play but severely lack in the graphics department.


In other news,  64Digits wishes to make it clear to all users that uploading illegal content on any website is strictly prohibited, and it needs to stop immediately. Recently one 64Digits user uploaded a movie-clip from the ending of the new Halo 3 Xbox game. Needless to say, 64Digits has been contacted by the Microsoft copyright and legal Dpt. and this is a serious matter.

In the past, Scorptek used to also offer similar uploading services (and may do so again in the future) for Game Maker users, but we were unable to continue hosting our service due to similar reasons and copyright infringing files. This is just a word of caution to users that they should respect international copyright laws if they want to continue having these free services available.


You may also take interest in Daz’s new creation, the “Anti-hack DLL.” If you are unsure what the name implies, it is a simple but useful DLL that will check for common programs used to ‘cheat’ in Game Maker games (e.g. memory editors), and from there you can for example close the game and prevent users from cheating. This has been a problem in the past as various programs have been used and built to expose exploits in game maker that allow users to change variable values and inject code into the game. This is one step further in the right direction into protecting your game from hackers, but of course it does not make it hack-proof.


That is all the news for now, stay tuned for more.

New Design

Every so often, we like to spice things up a bit and introduce a new change into the old normal routine. Because if our lives were all routine, we would be quite boring individuals.

Feel free to comment, add suggestions or constructive criticisms about the new design. We are open to all of our readers’ opinions and appreciate any ideas.

We decided to maintain the previous three-column style interface with current/active information on the left side-bar, content in the middle, and static/archived information on the right sidebar, as we believe this is an effective way to organize the page content.  In addition, we have added a custom banner with our Scorptek logo.

This design may change in the future, as it has done in the past.

Easter Egg 🙂

The GM Race Begins

Today GMTech Magazine and MarkUp Magazine announced a contest called The GM Race, which looks to be one of the biggest Game Maker contests so far. There are over $300 worth of prizes, featuring such items as 1GB flash drives and games titles like Bioshock and Command and Conquer 3.

Contestants must make a 2D game related to both fire and ice/snow. All entries must be submitted by November 15, and the winners will be announced Jan 1st, 2008.

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GMC Adds Google Analytics

Recently it came to our attention that the GMC is now using Google Analytics to track traffic on the forum. This is probably another part of Yoyo Games recent effort to gather user demographics (see C++ Runner Beta Slated for February).

Google Analytics is a widely-used service from Google that allows site owners to gather advanced statistics about user interaction with a site. It also allows for better targeted advertising (perhaps for

YYG to Host Online Highscores

Mark Overmars has announced on a recent blog post that YoyoGames will be adding built-in online highscores to Game Maker.

The highscore lists will use the logins, and games will have the option of displaying the lists on the site. Mark also said that there will probably be several different lists, such as daily, weekly, monthly, all time, etc.

C++ Runner Beta Slated for February

Sandy at YoYo Games has announced in a recent blog post that a beta of the the C++ runner is scheduled for February, 2008. A Mac beta is expected to be available before the end of this year.

YoYoGames is also planning to require registration for new Game Maker downloads. This is ostensibly to provide better demographics on Game Maker users in order to improve Game Maker.