Monday Update

Today Sandy posted an update to the Yoyo Games GLOG, where he gives details about the new “instant play” plugin, an article that gave very favorable coverage to, and the porting of Game Maker to other platforms.

He also said that the Beta II of the YYG site is nearing completion, and is currently in closed testing. It is interesting to note that the plugin has been made for Firefox as well as IE, although there is no Opera support yet. The plugin will apparently be part of the Beta II release.

Yoyo Games now has a Delphi programmer on staff, and plans to forge ahead on Game Maker’s development. Sandy also hinted that there might be a possibility of porting GM games to other devices, such as consoles.

5 Responses

  1. Take that, yoyo haters!

  2. The Beta II has been in closed testing for ages. Like… a month and a half or so?

  3. Remember how Mark used to say there would never be console support? Ironic, but in a good way.

  4. I’m gonna laugh when GM goes console and everybody who said “GM6 for life!” is now using the new version feeling like an idiot.

    Good job, YoYo. I always knew you’d pull through.

  5. Or how about the mac!?

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