Interview: Offline Activation

GMNews asked Game Maker users about their experiences with Game Maker 7’s offline activation. We asked: “What was your experience with Yoyo Games’ offline activation?”

Our only successful contact was correojon, who was also the first user to test the phone activation.

“I was the first one to use the offline activation system and so, I had to go through some problems until YoYo Games managed to get the system to work correctly.
As I was told by Sandy at the Glog, I emailed YoYo Games asking them for offline activation. They sent me the offline version of GM7 (which is now available on the YoYo Games website) and told me to uninstall GM7 if I had already installed it. Then, they gave me a phone number to contact them. I live in Spain and YoYo Games offices are in the UK, so we didn’t have much problem in finding a good schedule for both of us. When I called them I was greeted by Sophie. First thing I noticed is she had a sweet voice smile.gif. She told me step by step what to do. Basically you install the program, open it, select offline activation and tell her the code the program outputs. Then, she will tell you a code to enter and the Pro version of Game Maker will become activated.

However, it didn’t work. We made some more attempts but there was clearly some sort of bug in the system, so we decided to postpone the test. Sophie told me they will email me when it was solved. Just the next day I received their email and we tried again… but failed once again. Sophie thought that she may be misunderstanding the code I was telling her, so she told me her personal phone number so I could send her a text message. This didn’t work either…sad.gif
But later the same day she called me and we finally got it to work.

Since then it seems the offline activation system is working correctly and you can activate your GM copy with just one phone call. However, I want to empathize the great support YoYo Games provided: especially “sweet voice” Sophie. She showed a lot of interest in helping me to the point of even telling me her personal number…this is something that you won’t get when calling the average software company.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the offline activation system, I understand that all the problems I had were because YoYo Games were rushing to provide a solution for their customers and the interest they showed makes me think that, contrary to what many people on the GMC say, GM is in good hands smile.gif


6 Responses

  1. hmm interesting. If you need an idea for something well I was wondering about the featured games. Can anyone get there game featured? How much does it cost? ect.

  2. From my experience it seems that programs that use Phone Activation are far more susceptible to piracy than one that use online.

  3. NiCK[TM], is right, it will be crackable and is its easy to do
    since you can easily download it. And I should know since
    I know some thing or two about cracking. There is no way
    that GM can check if you really payed for it like GM6.

    Yeheyy no more depending on Dr.XJ:)

  4. What? I used a registration code for GM6 without an online connection whatsoever and it worked! So GM6 does not check if you really payed for it, probably. Only GM7 does.

  5. What’s this interaction with you and Sophie?

    I thought YoYo Games would call me.

  6. Note that I was the first to test the system and it has changed: I think that now Yoyogames will call you at the time you tell them in your email:

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