YoYo further explains

Over the past few days, YoYo Games has further explained and added additional information to their previous blog article giving more insight on the inner-happenings of the organization.

As suspected, the highly anticipated “Instant Play” feature for launching Game Maker does not in fact embed Game Maker games into the current browser window nor does it open them up in a new browser window. The games are instead launched by in an entirely separate window controlled by the browser plug-in.

Sandy, chairperson of YoYo Games has also let us know the company has a budget of $2 Million for the development of the Game Maker software, and one key area of focus right now is re-writing the entire runtime engine in C++. This will lead to potentially faster games with possibilities expand further than the current system allows such as making Game Maker compatible with other platforms (e.g. Mac OSX). The opportunities YoYo Games plans to take advantage of once the runner is re-built in C++ are still kept confidential for the time being, but Sandy did confirm that multi-platform development is being considered as a serious possibility at this time.


12 Responses

  1. To run on other platforms it would also need to use OpenGL instead of DirectX.

  2. Not necessarily; WINE and CrossOver have pretty good DirectX support.

  3. I can’t understand what hinders them from using both DirectX and Open GL. We could even use our own renderers for the Windows executables too.

  4. but opengl would make it work without an emulator.

    and the both rendering engines thing came up on the gmc too, didn’t it?

  5. Why use both? OpenGL works on all platforms, and implemented correctly it is faster than DirectX because of the ability to strip unnecessary components.

    I think the rebuild has the potential to be much faster than before because GM is very inefficient in interpreting code right now.

    I’d pay $20 for a Linux version even though I have GM7 Pro.

  6. Having both would let people pick which one they prefer- in some bizarre cases one or the other might not work on someone’s computer.

  7. @XT
    Hmm OpenGL doesn’t work good with some cards or some drivers, so it’s best to keep DirectX. Had no problems with DX so far, but with OGL I had some lags on my older laptop (updated drivers).

    And Have you used Torque Game Builder, it allows to choose between DX and OpenGL renderer for the game. 🙂

  8. “Hmm OpenGL doesn’t work good with some cards or some drivers, so it’s best to keep DirectX. Had no problems with DX so far, but with OGL I had some lags on my older laptop (updated drivers).”

    Yeah, but DirectX doesn’t work on the Mac or Linux at all.

  9. when will gm for mac be out anyway?

  10. One point about OGL….
    Little thing called Vista, unfortunately.
    No idea what’s happened to it, but I get almost double the FPS using DX, and from what I’ve heard, it’s the same everywhere.
    Both graphics libraries are needed.
    @DS, could be a long time. <_<

  11. Wonder if existing games will work…

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