Weekly Update

Lately, many of the third party Game Maker communities have not been having the best of times. In particular, 64Digits has struggled to keep their site both operational and accessible, only recently being able to restore it.

Perhaps even more interesting is the return of the Games Showcase. For those of you who don’t know, Games Showcase was a popular community much like 64Digits and YoYo Games whereby users could submit and promote their creations on the community website. YoYo Games later made a deal with the administration of the site to add the Games Showcase games to the YoYo Games. Since then, the community hasn’t been the same, the site was eventually taken down and users had to seek alternative websites for game submission and promotion. By no means is the temporary URL a complete return of the site we once knew, but it is a step towards a possible future for the organization. See http://www.gmshowcase.net/forum/index.php for more details. At the moment, the forum is rather new and empty.

Stats, stats and more stats!

We have been privileged to have received some very interesting statistics given by Mark Overmars during a presentation not too long ago.

> YoYo Games since opening in April ’07

– Well over 5,000 submitted games

– About 50 new games added each day

– A large sum of approximately 200,000 page views a day

> The Game Maker Community and Game Maker software

– Game Maker now has approximately 3,000 downloads per day

– The forums now have some 40,000 members

– Approximately 1,500 topics are posted each day

– The community has an average of 200-250 users online at any given moment

Over at the YoYo blog, there has finally been some activity. Sandy has announced that the YoYo Game site is undergoing testing for the “Beta 2” version, expected to be released sometime in the near future (probably end of August or early September) after they take into account all the feedback they’ve received.

There is also some excitement leading up to a new feature called “Instant Play” whereby users will have the option to (with an installed browser plugin) click a button when browsing a game on the website and have the game instantly popup in a window to play. However, Sandy also pointed out that this feature would be available after the game had already been downloaded onto your computer.

Mark Overmars is also expected to have his own blog on the YoYo Games website after the Beta 2 release for discussing various programming techniques and game design concepts.

5 Responses

  1. yoyo is becoming popular!
    and mark having a blog sounds pretty cool.

  2. So what, Instant Play means GM can be like flash?
    or java? or is it going to be built on top of java so it can
    run in multiple OS? or will be the same as just downloading
    the game and running it as usual. ‘Cause im kinda confused
    why we need to download it, when we download it why
    can’t we just play it normally?

    hmmn, hoping I can play GM games anywhere, so that I can
    make GM games fo anywhere

    And a quick irrelevant question; do anyone here know what
    the taf file format is and how it is made, or compiled? I do
    not know which is which but .taf is used by many emulators
    (taf are IF games), if you know some links, email me at
    p r o p m t _ d e v @ 3 7 . c o m (just remove the spaces)

  3. It seems that YoYo games are really trying hard to promote GM, Scorptek do you have any stats from just before YYG?

  4. “In particular, 64Digits has struggled to keep their site both operational and accessible, only recently being able to restore it.”

    Yeah, we’ve also been banned by KC LC from use in the FAQs section of the GMC. A bit of a downer, but her logic makes sense. The site should remain online now, as the host replaced some hard drive cables and made other tweaks.

  5. “Yeah, we’ve also been banned by KC LC from use in the FAQs section of the GMC.”
    Ouch, that sucks.

    By the way, sandy had posted this on his blog ages ago, and Simon Donkers mentioned the same statistics you just quoted a few weeks ago.

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