GMC Forum Changes

The Game Maker Community has undergone some (minor) forum changes in the last 24 hours.

The most noticeable of these changes is the addition of a new sub-forum called the Spam Box. Contrary to what the title implies, you do not want to get caught posting rubbish there or you may have your member account permanently deleted. Instead, the sub-forum is intended to be used as a mechanism to catch spam-bots who are unable to read the warning signs clearly indicating the no-posting zone. Hopefully spam bots will post topics in this sub-forum first (as it is the first forum on the list) and end up immediately flagging down moderators to delete their account. A simple, but rather effective spam blocker.

Another visible change is the re-location of the (newly reinstated) Team Requests forum. This forum used to be in the place of the current Spam Box sub-forum, and has now been promoted to independent forum status, separate from the community forum.

11 Responses

  1. That’s quite a clever idea. Hopefully it stop spam. Also, what happened to 64D? I can’t access it.

  2. Hmm, its an interesting theory though I doubt it will do all that much.

  3. Hi, I have a exclusive for you at GM Nooz!
    It is rumored that Mark is ready to ditch YoYo Games!

  4. it sounds pretty clever- it’ll probably also catch the noobs that don’t read anything but the title. 😛

    @ Tray- I highly doubt that. He’s really got no reason to, except for a small group of very loud complainers.

  5. Is it just me, or is the GMC becoming a bit… unorganized?

  6. what’s unorganized about it?

  7. “It is rumored that Mark is ready to ditch YoYo Games!”
    …..there’s a difference between “rumors” and “bull[crap]“. I’m being honest here. What sources mentioned that?

    This post has been edited by Scorptek to be less offensive. In the future avoid using offensive content or language in your posts. Scorptek also does not hold responsibility for the comments of other users if they contain false / rumoured information.

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