GMA ’07 Nominations

It is that time of year again, the time of year for the annual Game Maker Awards ceremony.

As announced by Roach, GMA nominations have begun (as of August 1st) and voting will commence in just over two and a half weeks.

The nomination process is explained below:

Phase 1 – Nominations – This is the first stage of the GMA. It is used to build a list of people that can be voted for in the finals. Instead of being selected by GMA Administrative Staff, these nominations are for GMC users, by GMC users. Nominations can be submitted with a given form, which can be accessed via the NOMINATIONS page. The form will compile a BBcode script to copy and paste into the GMA topic for a public nomination. Or, if a user doesn’t want to have their nominations shown to the public, they have the option to have the nomination submitted privately via a link that is submitted to the topic – only administrative staff can view the link.

Nominators can select just ONE person/game/website for EACH category. You do not have to give a nomination for every category, but it is encouraged. There are some rules, however, for selecting nominees. Users are not allowed to nominate if they have joined the GMC after July 31st, 2007. If they nominate, the nominations will be ignored. This was made as a security precaution to stop multiple accounts being created for advantage over nominations and votes. At the end of the nomination period, the top 10 nominees in each category will be advanced to the voting round – this is where the GMC members will decide who becomes the champion in each category.

The official GMA website can be found here and the GMC forum topic is at

Time to start nominating. Categories include:

Best Game Overall  
Best Game – Graphics  
Best Game – Music  
Best Game – Gameplay  
Most Game – Original  
Best Skills Overall  
Best Artist  
Best Musician  
Best GML Programmer  
Best DLL Programmer  
Best Personality Overall  
Most Kind  
Most Helpful Overall  
Most Helpful – Q&A Forums  
Most Helpful – 3D game techniques  
Most Helpful – Extending Game Maker Forums  
Most Helpful – Graphics  
Most Helpful – Sound and Music  
Best GameMaker Website

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