Hazmat Team Blackmails

Scorptek received a rather unusual and noteworthy e-mail this morning from “Kyle Richardson” who signed the letter as Hazmat’s Army.

The note read:

I have a request to make to you. In a weeks time I plan on devastating the GMC. But it won’t be me doing it. You see, my plan involves framing you in this attack. This can stop, of course, if you do something. We know you have power on the GMC, and we want you to get the original ‘Hazmat’ account unbanned and unwarned. Now, we will give you one week to do this. If you fail, we strike.

Hazmat’s Army

It looks as though Hazmat is back once again, and this time resorting to blackmailing. Please feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section.

27 Responses

  1. The hazmat stuff is a bunch of poo-poo. They have repeatedly claimed that they will mess up the GMC and so far, they haven’t done a single thing. Plus, if they are banned, they probably deserved it.

  2. Have you told any of the moderators/admin about this? It may be something they want to know (so that they can tighten up security)

  3. If somebody claims something might happen in the future then that’s called a rumor. Even if this person claims to be knowledgeable on the subject. This is the internet and everybody can claim everything at any time. Try using the rumor section for what it’s intended for and keep GM News for the news.
    There’s very likely every week somebody who gets annoyed at the administrators or moderators and wants to destroy the GMC. That’s why there’s protection in place and there’s some competent administrators to handle security.

    This really is not news. As you run a news site, try contacting GMS and ask the old and the new some questions about what’s happening with it.
    Or if you want send me an email. I visited a presentation from Mark Overmars not to long ago where he mentioned some stats about the popularity of Game Maker. Did you know YoYo gets 200.000 hits a day. Go write about actual news that actual people are interested in. Handle these kind of things with forwarding the message to the GMC staff and if you really want, posting them under rumors.

  4. There is a clear reason why I did not post this in the rumors section. A user under the alias “Hazmat’s Army” is threatening / blackmailing GMC users and Scorptek to comply with their request. While their GMC attack is still of course “pending” and not fact as of yet, the fact that they are threatening the community is very much news. For example, if a country threatened to launch a nuclear missile at the United States, I’m pretty sure it would be in the News, and even though it hasn’t happened, it isn’t a rumor, the country has made a factual statement/declaration.

    The reason I did post this article is to make it clear that if anything were to happen and/or if Scorptek team members or the organization itself were implicated in any attack of the Game Maker Community, I wanted to make it clear that our organization had no involvement and to let users know:
    1) These spammers/hackers are becoming increasingly violent resulting to blackmailing innocent victims
    2) Heads up, there could be an attack
    3) If Scorptek has been implicated/framed for the destruction, there is clear evidence of “Kyle’s” malicious intentions in wrongfully accusing the organization

    However I do appreciate your concern.

    It has been a slow month for news, and anything and everything users can do to help out with that is greatly appreciated. Please e-mail post_my_gmnews@scorptek.org

  5. Hah, what an idiot. Even if he does have any real power to “devistate” the GMC, it’s not as if he has any standing to blackmail anyone. Besides, it’s no more than an online forum. I’m sure devistation could mean no more than several deleted topics or a mass-spam attack (which will, in the end, ammount to the same thing).

    If the GMC is really that important to him he should stop spamming, etc.
    If he just enjoys being a jerk on the GMC then I can’t imagine why he needs his origonal account to do that.

    In the end, probably just a stuipd little prat seeking attention.
    – Leif

  6. 6 Days Benjamin. What do you say?

  7. *ignores the spam*

    Exactly. I can’t even see why he would want is original account back. He would probably just do the same things that got him banned. Plus, if he can “devastate the GMC,” why can’t he just unban his account himself? It’s obviously fake.

  8. Regarding point 2, almost daily some spamabot visits the GMC. If some spammers try to cause mayhem the moderators will deal with it like always. Nothing to worry about.

    Regarding point 3, this post proves nothing. If I where to cause mayhem it would be a good excuse to post a week in advance that somebody will blackmail me. I by no means want to say you will but posting this message is far from proof.

    If somebody threatens to do something it’s not news. The people that come here are interested into news about Game Maker. I’m for instance interested what’s going on with GMS which closed, reopened on a new URL and is gone again. GMG may have closed it’s toplist or is working on that, I’d like to know what’s happening with that. How come Markup is suddenly ‘official’, what does that change mean for the editorial independence, what’s going on with them.
    Go find out these news items and contact people responsible with questions. Make this a news site with detailed news about what’s happening, not just a once a month list with lots of short points you can find elsewhere.

    Lately this news site is completely without actual interesting news. If you claim little is happening then go out and find news or look in your archives and post an update about how things turned out to be. Contact somebody that went through the offline validation and post how this has turned out. Post about whether the activation issues still exist and how YoYo is currently doing, …

    Make this a site with interesting news items and unique content, not just with rumors about what may happen in the future and who claims so.

  9. Bravo 🙂
    That needed to be said in a bad way.

    Scorptek guys: are y’all really that scared because of a bunch of whiny spammer kids? Fear of the unknown is the oldest trick in the book. Think about it; this Hazmat character hasn’t done a single relevant thing to the forum since being ousted.

    Do you really think that a whole army of spammers are out there just waiting for the chance to blackmail you, and that’s why nobody has heard from them? Do you really think that they believe you have the ability to un-ban accounts on the GMC? Is there really any logical reason for them to want that username unbanned? They’re targeting you because you’ve been faithfully reporting all their little threats.

    As S.D. said, go back to good journalism. Require proof, challenge authenticity, and report on things that hold up. Otherwise, you’re just their new tool for spreading good old Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

  10. Lmao! Are you guys honestly scared of a bunch of little kids seeking attention?

    Regarding the blackmail, what are they going to do? Stab you with a knight emoticon. There is nothing to fear. The worst they can do is take over the GMC forum (which isn’t even legally Mark’s forum, he only owns the URL), and that can be replaced, with just some missing posts.

  11. “We know you have power on the GMC, and we want you to get the original ‘Hazmat’ account unbanned and unwarned.”

    Retarded. For one thing, not even a moderator has power to get an account unbanned without good reason. And besides, who’s to say Hazmat isn’t already posting there under another name anyway?
    Doesn’t this blackmail make it seem as if we supposedly have a group of members with the skills to mess up a forum, but lacking the skills to get around a ban? Ridiculous.

  12. This is ridiculous as t3mp3st pointed out. Obviously this person perpetrating to be Hazmat isn’t him. What kind of person would blackmail to spam a forum. I mean, thats retarded. Secondly, look at it this way. I have gone back and looked at these Hazmat articles, and they are the greatest thing to happen to the blog since sliced bread. Maybe there isn’t this ‘Hazmat’s Army’, yet someone doing this to make the blog more popular.

    Plus, this isn’t news… its a rumor.

  13. I see this as “Unlock my old account so I can continue spamming, or I’ll spam” :/

  14. Yup, that’s pretty much what it is. Just without the ability to do the spamming. :/

  15. “Retarded. For one thing, not even a moderator has power to get an account unbanned without good reason. And besides, who’s to say Hazmat isn’t already posting there under another name anyway?
    Doesn’t this blackmail make it seem as if we supposedly have a group of members with the skills to mess up a forum, but lacking the skills to get around a ban? Ridiculous.”
    So true.

    And if he is going to spam anyway. Then there is no reason to help him.

  16. You do realize that he’s just making fun of you, right? I guess you may as well post it, since there’s nothing else 😛

  17. Sounds like it’s someone who’s seen too many b-movies. ^_~

  18. He (or someone posing as him….) just posted in the community section under I have won… t3mp3st closed the topic immediately of course, but… did any1 else see this?

  19. also, he posted a topic in creations (here are some links to transcripts in case the topic gets deleted soon.) :


  20. “also, he posted a topic in creations (here are some links to transcripts in case the topic gets deleted soon.”

    Deleted? And make Hazmat miss out on all the attention those two topics will give him? Attention that took such intense planning? Do you realize just how long it would take the average person, to replace the sprites in the PacMan example with MSPaint pornographic images?

    Imagine the countless hours of effort put into this attack, this attack that as ‘Hazmat’s Army’ put it:
    “In a weeks time I plan on devastating the GMC.”

    You have to respect how ingenious the man is. Imagine, he had a duplicate account that he created over a year ago, and was disabled two days later. He also had two duplicates that were less than a month old. Imagine hiding a duplicate account that hasn’t posted for AN ENTIRE MONTH. HE’s t3H l33T h4X0R!!1

    Meh, maybe we’ll delete it maybe we won’t. Maybe, contrary to the belief of a certain Connor Wilkins, nobody will care either way.

  21. I could care less if it was deleted. Doesn’t matter to me, just was some fun for a night.

    @t3mp3st: The sprites where easy… the sounds where much harder.

  22. You know, by posting all this, you just gave him what he wanted. Attention. You didn’t have to post anything, you could’ve easily ignored him, and he wouldn’t have got anything.


  23. Surely the Scorptek guys know 1st April’s been long gone?

  24. Eh, Hazmat knows nothing. Honestly, he once posted asking for access to the GMC’s admin panel. I even took a screenshot of it. I’ll post it as soon as 64Digits is back up. (yeah… we’re down again. Some weird server error)

  25. And here’s Hazmat asking for admin panel access at the GMC:

  26. This Hazmat guy sounds retarded. I’ve never heard of him before. His “army” is probably him and a few other retards sitting in a basement searching Google for hacking programs.

    Suck on that Hazmat.

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