Week Recap

This week, the Administration staff decided to introduce the much wanted GM7 emoticon on the Game Maker Community forums. There was some earlier debate on a suitable colour for the graphic as previous emoticons were red and blue for versions 5 and 6 of the program respectively. In the end, green was deemed the colour of choice, fitting well with Mark Overmars’ new connection with the YoYo Games company.

Over at the 64Digits, the community is experiencing some technical difficulties with their website. MySQL errors have continued to pop-up in nearly all sections of the site, and the home page has been replaced with a slightly comical message assuring users that the problem will soon be fixed. http://64digits.com Update: 64Digits is now back online

You can win an XBOX 360 just by using Game Maker! Simon Donkers has announced the new competition and more details can be found here: http://eocommunity.co.uk/blog.php?id=20

A new startup website dedicated to Game Maker promises to provide quality video tutorials to users. The domain, gamemaker.tv, has been purchased and is now owned by Philip Gamble who also maintains a Game Maker blog.

More news to come.

8 Responses

  1. Just letting you know we’re back online, so you may want to update this recap news post with that info. (64Digits).

  2. Yeah, but theres no v3 like the early down page had said.

  3. lol 64hobos

  4. 64digits is down at the moment, I’m getting a ‘site not found’ message…

    And I already won an Ipod with Game Maker… too bad I don’t have time to win that 360…

  5. The reason for that error message was because we had moved to a dedicated server, and the DNS had not fully updated. It now is, however.

  6. Well 64D is down again well i can’t access it anyways
    just get a page not found

  7. Do you all have to cry at every 5-minute downtime?

  8. yes 😛 yes we do

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