New Team Requests Forum

By popular request, the GMC staff has reintroduced a Team Requests Forum. This is an unusual development, as the staff doesn’t usually run the forum very democratically.

At the time of this writing, 13 request have been posted. As KC LC noted in the subforum’s rules:

“To increase your chance of success, you should provide a concise description of your project, along with details about the type of skills you require. This will help attract the right kind of people.

Also remember that you should be willing to do your share of the work — and not just leave it for others. This will strengthen the team and increase your chances of finishing the project.”

It appears that many people didn’t read or follow her advice, with posts like the following.

“I need help for my game(s), Legacy of Darkness, and my CCG, Blades and Magic:Dragon Wars. I need spriters and coders for both! Pm me if you are interested, or if you wish to know more! Thanks for your time and help!”

Note that you can still vote in the poll and share your opinion about this new subforum.

12 Responses

  1. Well this should be good

  2. No replies are allowed in the Team Request forum. That is why all the topics have zero responses.

  3. I think the no replies thing isn’t too great an idea, but the subforum itself is. as long as people don’t spam.

  4. Andy, thanks for telling me.

  5. Didn’t we have a Team Request forum a looooooong time ago, which was abandoned due to spam?

  6. Well, spam will be kinda hard now since no one can reply to the topics.

  7. No problem. Although I don’t plan on starting or joining a team hopefully this will give people a proper place to add such requests. (Instead of just posting in the community and getting a locked topic. =P )

  8. I think its a dumb idea. I really dont like the way game maker is headed.

  9. Hi,
    I’m Gerry.

    Just saying hey – I’m new.

  10. Hello my friends 🙂

  11. Hello,

    Nice to be registered on My little name is maxizhu 😉

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