Hazmat Team Blackmails

Scorptek received a rather unusual and noteworthy e-mail this morning from “Kyle Richardson” who signed the letter as Hazmat’s Army.

The note read:

I have a request to make to you. In a weeks time I plan on devastating the GMC. But it won’t be me doing it. You see, my plan involves framing you in this attack. This can stop, of course, if you do something. We know you have power on the GMC, and we want you to get the original ‘Hazmat’ account unbanned and unwarned. Now, we will give you one week to do this. If you fail, we strike.

Hazmat’s Army

It looks as though Hazmat is back once again, and this time resorting to blackmailing. Please feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section.

No ripples in the water

It has been a pretty slow month, once again here is another weekly update.

You may be asking yourself what the lowdown is with YoYo Games, usually there would be something to report, but lately there are no ripples in the water.

The YoYo Games blog hasn’t been updated in well over a month. Despite creating a new blog that ‘fits the style’ of the company, it hasn’t been used yet.  On the GMC, Nick_M, an administrator of the forum who joined in April (from YoYo Games) has not yet contributed to the forum. (Even though he made an announcement earlier indicating he would help moderate the forums).

Over at 64Digits, due to increased spamming and double, triple and quadruple user account sign-ups… the community site has decided to take action and require e-mail validation on sign-up. Additionally, users will no longer have the privilege of changing their user account e-mail address through the automated system.

Meanwhile, the once popular Games Showcase community seems to have completely fallen out of the picture now. Originally YoYo Games indicated they would work with the community to transfer games over to their central site, and try to keep the Games Showcase community alive/still available. Now, the community appears to have vanished completely, and without even so much as asking users, YoYo Games has taken rights to all games previously on Games Showcase and uploaded them to their own website without the game creator’s permission.

For GM newbies and gurus alike, a couple of good game making resource websites have become increasingly popular lately, such as:
GMbase (Great resource forGM7 compatible extensions)
Gamemakerresource (GMR, great resource for all Game Making needs)
And are worth a couple minutes of your time to check out.

Also, for those who are wondering… a change to Scorptek is coming soon. This will be a major change, and will completely redefine the organization, its operations, and the products and services we offer to the public. Hang tight and within the next couple of weeks, we’ll make an effort to reveal some more information.

Week Recap

This week, the Administration staff decided to introduce the much wanted GM7 emoticon on the Game Maker Community forums. There was some earlier debate on a suitable colour for the graphic as previous emoticons were red and blue for versions 5 and 6 of the program respectively. In the end, green was deemed the colour of choice, fitting well with Mark Overmars’ new connection with the YoYo Games company.

Over at the 64Digits, the community is experiencing some technical difficulties with their website. MySQL errors have continued to pop-up in nearly all sections of the site, and the home page has been replaced with a slightly comical message assuring users that the problem will soon be fixed. http://64digits.com Update: 64Digits is now back online

You can win an XBOX 360 just by using Game Maker! Simon Donkers has announced the new competition and more details can be found here: http://eocommunity.co.uk/blog.php?id=20

A new startup website dedicated to Game Maker promises to provide quality video tutorials to users. The domain, gamemaker.tv, has been purchased and is now owned by Philip Gamble who also maintains a Game Maker blog.

More news to come.

New Team Requests Forum

By popular request, the GMC staff has reintroduced a Team Requests Forum. This is an unusual development, as the staff doesn’t usually run the forum very democratically.

At the time of this writing, 13 request have been posted. As KC LC noted in the subforum’s rules:

“To increase your chance of success, you should provide a concise description of your project, along with details about the type of skills you require. This will help attract the right kind of people.

Also remember that you should be willing to do your share of the work — and not just leave it for others. This will strengthen the team and increase your chances of finishing the project.”

It appears that many people didn’t read or follow her advice, with posts like the following.

“I need help for my game(s), Legacy of Darkness, and my CCG, Blades and Magic:Dragon Wars. I need spriters and coders for both! Pm me if you are interested, or if you wish to know more! Thanks for your time and help!”

Note that you can still vote in the poll and share your opinion about this new subforum.