June Update

This week has been far from calm and relaxed for Scorptek staff and despite having several article writers for this news blog, none of us were able to keep it updated. We apologize for the lack of content lately and encourage users to e-mail us with any Game Maker related news-worthy information you find during this busy time of year.

Over at 64Digits, the community has just moved to a new hosting service and is busily working on preparing the third website design launch dubbed “v3”. The community is also excited to celebrate the fact it has grown to fairly substantial size of 4,000 members strong, making strong competition for other Game Maker community sites that need not be mentioned.

YoYo games staff have (not surprisingly) very little to say. Apart from an article letting user know links have been updated for the new blog, the “glog” appears empty.

On the YYG forums, the hot topic on debate is whether or not GM needs a logo make-over. According to many users, the logo appears outdated and should be re-designed to fit the current style of glass and gloss. avidnameddavid, a user at YYG posted a couple of suggestions, including this one:

Meanwhile at the Game Maker Community forums, the discussion has turned to examining security holes in Game Maker 7. The concept that Game Maker 7 isn’t as secure as it was made out to be during pre-launch isn’t exactly new, but this is the first time that a lengthy discussion about the security issue has been permitted on the main forums.


7 Responses

  1. Uhh… it just says, “Posted in .” at the end of this post…

  2. that logo needs some serious recoloring… it should be bright red like the old one. the hammer could also use some re-alignment…

    but anyway, I think the security hole stuff about gm7 is kind of pointless. offline games really aren’t much of a problem because the hacking of them wouldn’t bother anyone else, and the online games can’t get big enough for people to bother. people who want to go mess up a game will probably try with a bigger, more well-known one.

  3. I generally like the style of “Glass and Gloss” as they put it, but I think it should be more like the old one. Bright red sphere, with a simple gray hammer. (That one just looks weird on there…)

  4. Ok, that logo is, well, I just don’t like it. Most of the time light comes from the top of the screen, not the bottom.

    Glass and Gloss is fine, but I think that is just a little much gloss, and yeah needs to be brighter red.

  5. Hey–where’s the announcement saying that GMC has a new team request forum?

  6. I think this place is dying.

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