YoYo Glog Revamp

The YoYo Games staff have decided their original [g]log was a little less snazzy than they wanted and have chosen to completely re-design the blogging website.

The unofficial “beta” link to the site is http://blog.yoyogames.com

Apart from some nice visual enhancements that keep with the YoYo Games look and feel, some other features have been added including a built-in “digg it” module for each article post (although it is unlikely it will be used much).

We also found some ‘odd’ sponsors that caught our attention. Ways To Make Money and E Invest are just some of the sites advertised throughout the new glog. Why these particular websites/services were chosen and their connection with YoYo Games is unknown at this point in time.


4 Responses

  1. You’re a bit late with this news. The new glog was released nearly a week ago.

  2. yeah.

    also you might want to fix “caught are attention”- it should be “caught our attention”

    anyway, the new glog is a bit nicer I think.

  3. Apparently the “sites that are advertised throughout the new glog” are only links originally found in the template YYG used and edited! As posted by sandy in a comment.

  4. I see absolutely no change, except the banner BG change. Not even for a “beta”.

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