64D Prepares for V3

64Digits is busy preparing v3, a third re-design of their game making community website. In addition to the re-design, the administration staff have decided to move the website to a new server with a more stable system. The move will take place throughout next week and the website will not be accessible during this time.

Once the website has been moved to the new host, the v3 re-design will continue to be developed and tested before it’s public introduction.

During this time Scorptek will be collaborating with 64Digits staff to implement one of the greatest additions to the v3 website. This ‘secret’ project Scorptek has been working on is a compilation of months of work by several staff and is the biggest most widespread service to be released and powered by Scorptek so far. The project will involve a universal social networking system between game makers (and players) across various websites, including but not limited to 64Digits. The secret may be out, but the project is still a secret.


13 Responses

  1. You guys really want to burn YoYo to the ground eh? 😀
    Give em hell!

  2. “You guys really want to burn YoYo to the ground eh? 😀
    Give em hell!”
    Thats not gonna happen.

  3. lol, 64hobos

  4. That’s quite interesting. I’m looking forward to this!

  5. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Secret project? I never heard about this, and I’m the lead v3 dev.

    I really need to come to this site more often >_

  6. Arc, you idot. 😛 We IM’ed about this before.

  7. No you haven’t.

  8. oh so THATS why 64d is down right now :phew:

  9. No, actually 64D being down has nothing to do with V3 (or so Flashback says).

  10. Correct. We’re just having… issues… with our new hosts.

    In the meantime, you’re all welcome to come and socialise at musiclib.

  11. Hmmm… This was posted a long time ago, and yet, No V3…

  12. Lol, ur right.

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