GM6-Vista Converter Released

Not too long ago there was an article written about a converter that Mark Overmars planned on releasing shortly. The converter was developed to turn old Game Maker executables (produced by Game Maker 6.x) into new GM7-like executables that are able to run on Vista.

Some users have been asking the question “why can’t you just load the .gm6 into GM7 and export the executable from there?” Yes this would work, assuming you have the original source to the program. This method allows one to produce Vista compatible executables from the exectuable without the original source. This allows users running Vista to download old GM6 made games and quickly convert them to Vista compatible executables that run on their machine.

See post by Mark Overmars here

Download the (beta) converter here


11 Responses

  1. Surprisingly quick, i thought it would take as long as GM7.

  2. You’re a bit late with this news… I has been out for something more then a week now.

  3. I’m doing my best here, I’m currently in my 2 week exam period.. so I’m busy. I will be talking with the other article writers soon and hopefully we can bring some more life to this place. I’d also like to note this news site just won another award from WordPress (see the awards page).

  4. Well there goes any usefulness of GM7 (except for the new extension system, but that’s not that amazing or anything)

  5. >> GM7 fixes the precision bug. That was enough for me to move to the free upgrade…

    (of course, the EULA was enough to turn back)

  6. ‘(of course, the EULA was enough to turn back)’

    If you misunderstood it maybe…

    ‘Well there goes any usefulness of GM7 (except for the new extension system, but that’s not that amazing or anything)’

    Then you really haven’t a clue what’s been improved. It wasn’t all just Vista and Extensions, though personally I’ve found the extensions a far more convienent way of using dll’s and the like. Superb lil addition that was worth an upgrade (especially what with it being free an’ all…)

  7. Assuming you’re a paranoid moron, yes, I suppose.

  8. Wow, first time I’ve been to this site.

    Really, why isn’t this version just called 6.2 (I know why, but yeah…) I’ll probably check this out when we get a new computer, cause theres a lot of games that I’ve downloaded that wont work.

  9. Actually, you are wrong. It doesn’t turn it into a GM7 executable. It removes the runner and attaches an uncompressed runner of the same version. Only difference is the decompresser is removed, hence working on Vista. The reason for it’s faster is because of the lacking features compared to GM7.

    Tsa, the EULA has been fixed (more or less), and they never wanted to own anything made by anyone, except for Game Maker and the runner of course.

  10. WordPress sucks, it can’t handle IPv6 addresses…

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