GMC Spam Attack Tip

We got an anonymous tip this morning from a reliable source which suggests that a major spam attack on the GMC is being planned.

The mastermind behind the plan is said to be Hazmat. If you don’t remember who Hazmat is, he previously mass spammed the GMC on a couple of occasions with posts falsely accusing Mark Overmars of raping him and giving him AIDS.

Click here for a report on previous attacks by Hazmat.

It is said the attack is planned for the 1 year anniversary of the previous attack. From Scorptek’s records, the first spamming attack was carried out on August 13th of last year, the second was on November 19th of the same year. Scorptek is unsure of the exact date of the planned attack, but it will come sometime in the near future.

Considering the mastermind is planning from now, there is a high chance he has some new tricks up his sleeve and might do a little more damage than in the past. Hopefully we can all try and stop this before it turns into a disaster.

 Update:  A second tip suggests the attack is planned for August 13th


19 Responses

  1. To be fair, Mark Overmars did give him AIDS. But it was consensual, he just wants people to think it was rape.

  2. I heard it’s going to be on July 13th.

  3. I find it very nice to wake up in the morning, go to GMNews, and see the contents of last year’s spam on line four. Thanks for that.

  4. ‘mastermind’? Sounds more like ‘boredlikehellmind’ to me. Some people just have pointless lives I guess -_-”

    We’ve got a entire moderator army to protect us, so I think I won’t even notice the attack… just like the last times.

  5. Gee. An anonymous rumor about something possibly happening, rather than news about something actually happening. If only we had somewhere other than a ‘news’ page to post it on.

    Oh wait, we do!

    Shouldn’t this be in rumors? 🙂

  6. Yes, it should be in rumors. How can an anonymous tip “from a reliable source?” It’s either not completely anonymous, or unreliable.

  7. Maybe a reliable source that they know, but he/she wishes to remain anonymous to the rest of us?

  8. Hi. I am the anonymous tip. I am not revealing my GMC name, but I am friends with Hazmat. He asked me to help him do this, so he told me the details. I then proceeded to PM pythonpoole, because Hazmat had bragged how he (python) recorded the original spam attack. So thats how I know.

  9. Well I think that Mark should stop molesting under age boys, that is disgusting. On another note, why the hell would someone tip this site? I know about a massive spam attack planned on the GMC. Who should I alert? Mark? GMC Administrators? YoYo Administration? Don’t be silly, tell GM News!

  10. I’d like to point out that the GMC administration has already been given the tip, so stop complaining about neglecting to inform the appropriate authorities.
    I’d also like to point out that the reason this is not in rumors is because this is not a ‘rumor’. We have sources as close to the person in question as we can get, a friend of the spam artist who was asked to join in on spam-plan.
    Either realizing this was wrong and therefore backing out of the mission and notifying us, or simply letting us know to try and give Hazmat attention.. whatever the reason is, there is more than enough evidence to confirm there is a plan to do damage to the GMC in the coming months.

  11. DID mark give him AIDS?

  12. Are you really that stupid comspy?

  13. OK we all know that PC viruses get through the net but whcih idiot believes AIDS get through the net???
    Cmon if he got AIDS (which I 100% do not believe that), well suits him.
    No one wants him here, this is GM Game Maker, not AIDS maker, AIDS awarness or other shit.
    Personally, I would seek start a police case after this rubbish. A small prank is passable, but massive spam is outrageous. I really don’t know what this “Hamzat” wants from here, does he really think he’ll gain something? After what he did to the GMC and fellow kids which unfortunately viewed the topics and the time, he desrves not only AIDS, but also all other maladies out there.

  14. lol jk

    not really 😛

  15. Why not hack yoyo, it seems to be more vulnerable

  16. Don’t give him the credit of calling him a ‘mastermind’.

  17. “mastermind” yeah right….. I’d have much better ways to force people then dishonouring myself believe me…. [bleeping] idiot.

  18. Mastermind? His previous spamming attacks (Should I even call them attacks?) were babyish. Its the only thing he knows how to do, but still doesn’t do it well.

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