Startup 2.0 Fiasco

As many users who are watching the progress of the Startup 2.0 contest know, all is not well. The site is very poorly designed, and the only way the author has been able to locate Yoyo Games is with the search function. Currently YYG has 207 votes, and KlasCement (the only entry we could find that has more votes than YYG) has 407 votes.

On May 5th an administrator posted a blog listing the 15 nominations. Niether Yoyo Games nor KlasCement were on the list; instead, projects like Trivop (1 vote), Panoramio (10 votes), (7 votes), and (1 vote) were nominated. Interestingly enough, several nominated sites are Spanish, and even more are based in Spain. The second round of the contest will be held in Madrid, Spain.

It would appear that user votes have zero bearing on the nominations, and that the whole contest is very poorly organized. Mark Overmars posted this comment on the first nominations blog:

“We at YoYo Games ( also feel treated badly. Our site got 192 votes, which would put us in second place. Still we are not on the selected page and nobody told us anything.”

Update: One of the contest administrators posted an explanation in this story.


11 Responses

  1. Well, that stinks.

  2. The average contest on the GMC is better organized then that piece of ‘professional’ crap. And I’m sensing a Spanish plot.

  3. well, that was good freaking waste of time.
    After all the expectation that YoYo will get a boost
    in popularity, we get this kind of crap. WTF is
    happening here. YoYo should have entered in a more
    \’professional\’ contest.


  4. Wow… that’s some epic fail.
    Why did they even bother to have voting if they were just going to nominate the worst one?
    Was it possible that somehow, with such a poorly managed site, the votes were actually supposed to be *against* whatever you voted for? I haven’t been there but from this it sounds like something they might do…

  5. There has now been made a reply by the admin:
    “To Mark. I am sorry you don’t like it. We tried our best. I assume we can have made some mistakes during the process, but not all the ones you mention. We will try to learn something, though, and improve it for next time.” … it seems they do not confess their guilt, like for an example when they say that the mistakes that Mark mention has not been made. Do they claim it was right to exclude YoYo Games although their second place, or that they actually did contact Mark?

  6. You do know that in that topic, there were TWO people who complained about the contest, and both were named Mark. So that post may not be directed to Mark Overmars.

  7. YoyoGames was excluded as it was judged not to fill the requirements we asked for sites to be considered Web 2.0:

    KlasCement finally decided not to take part in the contest as it was not so much business-oriented.

    The mistake we made is not inform directly YoyoGames about this. There were so many projects taking part in the contest (almost 300) that we did not take enough time fot this type of details. Sorry about that.

  8. Well, certainly that explains a lot. Maybe you should set longer deadlines next time.

  9. I find this funny.

  10. Is it just me or does Mark (Overmars) seem to be making a big deal over this? Who really cares – I don’t.

    You posted in a contest, you loose, bad luck get over it – What was up for grabs anyway?

  11. Publicity was up for grabs.

    It wasn’t that YYG lost; we would have come in second. It was that they decided the site wasn’t Web 2.0 enough, but they didn’t tell anyone until I posted this story.

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