PSA: Vote for Yoyo

Mark Overmars, the creator of GM, has asked that users vote for Yoyo Games at Startup 2.0. What is Startup 2.0? Here is what they say about themselves:

“StartUp2.0 is a competition of European web 2.0 sites whose objectives are to promote and reward the European startups (either created or willing to do so in the future) that work in the field of 2.0 technologies.”

Web 2.0 is a very loose term that generally includes sites built around technologies like AJAX, Javascript, SOAP, Java, Flex, etc. Web 2.0 sites are sites that are community-powered, like this blog; or that interact with users, like GMail or Google Maps. The new Yoyo Games site makes use of such features, with game ratings, reviews, scrolling screenshots, dynamic related links, ect.

Mark has asked that users of Game Maker vote for Yoyo Games to help publicity and increase public awareness of the site. This would be a great help to YYG, as the new site doesn’t have high search rankings like the GMC and

If you wish to participate, goto, register, and then search for yoyogames and click the blue star to vote. Good luck with the rest of the site; we couldn’t make much sense out of it.

This is a Public Service Announcement from GMNews.


4 Responses

  1. About time you published this news.

  2. Gosh, where you been Python?

  3. Pythonpoole (and everybody else at Scorptek) has been very busy lately. I’ve got more spare time that he does, so he asked me to help with the writing for a while.

  4. Oh sorry, I didn’t see it was you bendodge. Well it’s good to see some news again. 🙂

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