YYG: Make Games Earn Cash

Yo Yo Games has announced they are about to take the old competition approach and offer many cash prizes to the winners. This is a step towards improving the popularity of the site amongst the community and to encourage more game development.

While there are still other competitions lurking around the GMC to join in on, many of them don’t offer cash incentives and rely on prizes such as ‘signature banner’ and ‘boasting rights’. Effectively, this will be the first unified community effort to have an official organized major competition held with a lot of dough to win.

Additionally, Yo Yo Games is announcing how they are continuing to improve the site and will be making updates to the interface within the next couple of weeks.


6 Responses

  1. Finally, something somewhat good about YY.

  2. Sandy said he wants to spend $1m on developing GM. He said he “can (almost) afford it”. I like his attitude, and YYG has made a big effort to rights any problems. I am now convinced that this will be a good thing for GM in the end, but we can’t expect instant miracles.

  3. See I always said patience is a (rare) virtue 😉 .

  4. Now this will motivate people on completing their games! Including me 😀

  5. This is, again, story about donkey and carrot. No, thanks.
    They could make $$$ on ads with 7M website visits,
    but GM should stay freeware. Too greedy people.

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