GMG Alive

This may be somewhat of a surprise for some users, but GMG (Game Maker Games), what was once a fairly popular Game Maker community website has returned once again. Due to problems with the web hosting provider they were using, the site had a continuous downtime for months, losing many of its members.

Just recently it has returned with a notice from darthlupi:

Hello faithful GMG folks,

After a horrbile wrestling match with our previous host we were finally able to get our files for the site and the DB. We are now hosted with DreamHost, and they are amazing. Their tech support was able to help us with a full DB recovery in just a few days.
We are also on a much better (read more stable/more resources) hosting plan with DreamHost, a… Read more

Here’s some more competition for YoYo.


GM6 and Vista

It’s been a long known fact that Game Maker 6 games do not work on the Windows Vista Operating System. Until now, one of the main features that has been seperating GM6 from GM7 is version 7’s ability to produce executables that run on Windows Vista.

This is no longer the case now as Mark Overmars has decided to create an (unsupported) tool to convert GM6 made executables into ones that are compatible with Windows Vista. Mark has not given a release date yet, but you can see is informative post on the GMC forums here.

YoYo Ratings On Your Site

Scorptek has just released a new service for Game Maker and YoYo Games users.

It enables you to put a small block on your website (as pictured below) that allows other users to rate your game (through YoYo Games) directly from your website without any annoying pop-ups or redirections.

It just takes two steps:
1) Enter the YoYo Games URL of your game
2) Copy-paste the html code to your website

Read more about it here in this topic OR click here to check it out!

YYG: Update

Here are some juicy statistics from the YoYo Game’s website since its release.

There have been over 900 games uploaded and added to the YoYo Games website within just the first two weeks of release.

Some of the games have been downloaded more than a 1,000 times. Other games were not so lucky.

It is important to remember however, that most users simply uploaded many of the completed games they had lying around on their computer. This means there will most likely be a decrease in the number of games being uploaded to the website rather than a growth (as users slowly begin to make new games).

Here is a post where Mark gives tip on making your game more popular on the YoYo Games Website.

Blog Changes

Today we made a couple of changes to the GMNews blog including modifications to the colour scheme and sidebar widgets.

The colour change is a result of Scorptek choosing its official colours and logo

Scorptek Logo

The other change is the “Blog Links” widget (bottom of the right sidebar) >
It has a few links for logging in/out of your WordPress account for posting and also links to the RSS feeds for you to use and post on your site as you wish.

We also added a few categories/tags to help sort articles and will be working on re-tagging previous articles. Eventually we will add a tag cloud to the sidebar that will show which topics/categories are popular, and you’ll be able to quickly and easily browse through all the articles in that category.

There is also talk of getting a domain name for the blog, any thoughts on that are appreciated.

That’s all for now,
Scorptek Management

Startup 2.0 Fiasco

As many users who are watching the progress of the Startup 2.0 contest know, all is not well. The site is very poorly designed, and the only way the author has been able to locate Yoyo Games is with the search function. Currently YYG has 207 votes, and KlasCement (the only entry we could find that has more votes than YYG) has 407 votes.

On May 5th an administrator posted a blog listing the 15 nominations. Niether Yoyo Games nor KlasCement were on the list; instead, projects like Trivop (1 vote), Panoramio (10 votes), (7 votes), and (1 vote) were nominated. Interestingly enough, several nominated sites are Spanish, and even more are based in Spain. The second round of the contest will be held in Madrid, Spain.

It would appear that user votes have zero bearing on the nominations, and that the whole contest is very poorly organized. Mark Overmars posted this comment on the first nominations blog:

“We at YoYo Games ( also feel treated badly. Our site got 192 votes, which would put us in second place. Still we are not on the selected page and nobody told us anything.”

Update: One of the contest administrators posted an explanation in this story.

PSA: Vote for Yoyo

Mark Overmars, the creator of GM, has asked that users vote for Yoyo Games at Startup 2.0. What is Startup 2.0? Here is what they say about themselves:

“StartUp2.0 is a competition of European web 2.0 sites whose objectives are to promote and reward the European startups (either created or willing to do so in the future) that work in the field of 2.0 technologies.”

Web 2.0 is a very loose term that generally includes sites built around technologies like AJAX, Javascript, SOAP, Java, Flex, etc. Web 2.0 sites are sites that are community-powered, like this blog; or that interact with users, like GMail or Google Maps. The new Yoyo Games site makes use of such features, with game ratings, reviews, scrolling screenshots, dynamic related links, ect.

Mark has asked that users of Game Maker vote for Yoyo Games to help publicity and increase public awareness of the site. This would be a great help to YYG, as the new site doesn’t have high search rankings like the GMC and

If you wish to participate, goto, register, and then search for yoyogames and click the blue star to vote. Good luck with the rest of the site; we couldn’t make much sense out of it.

This is a Public Service Announcement from GMNews.