GMS + YYG Joint Venture

On the official Yo Yo Games [g]log today, Michel announced a new partnership between Games Showcase and Yo Yo Games. The Games Showcase website will be merged into the (soon to be released) public beta of making it the ultimate destination for all users to share and play the games Game Maker users create.

Once the new site is released, all the content that is currently on the Games Showcase website (game submissions, including ratings, reviews, etc.) will be added to the new database. Thomas, the current over a Games Showcase will be taking a position over at the YoYo Games website to test and accept games as well as organize a reviewer’s team.

Thomas encourages users to join with them and move to the new YoYo Games website, he believes it is a great step forward for both Game Maker and the future community.


19 Responses

  1. Joint venture? GMS sold out.

  2. …What? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! Competition is a GOOD thing.

  3. Yeah, its becoming a monopoly. At least there is still 64D

  4. I’d rather have a buffalo diarrhea in my ear then go through this.

  5. Don’t care if it’s a monopoly when it’s a free service 🙂

  6. If it a monopoly, what reason is there for it to continue to be a free service?

  7. GMS got sold, yes. And I feel there’s a riot coming up.

  8. I suspect that over time money may come into the picture. For example, given the terms preview @ GMRumors, it is possible that YoYo Games will try and sell your game either retailer, or to a game develeopment company and then possibly give you some comission. You may also have a chance to purchase extra features or advertising for your game and such, who knows. At this point it is still up in the air, and afaik, the beta now has nothing of the sort.

  9. While I’ve never submitted to the GMS and don’t know much about it, isn’t it a trifle questionable to migrate content from that site onto a new site with quite different terms and conditions?

    Certainly the submit form for uploading games to the showcase says nothing about signing over rights.

    Well, I’d assume that there’d be some mechanism for people to take their games DOWN if they don’t want to be part of it.

  10. @HP, good point. Unless the license on GMS clearly stated it could be changed at any time without notice, I do not see how they could legally migrate all the game submissions over on a new license without asking the permission of the author of each and every game first.

  11. Probably the YoYo terms don’t apply to these games.

  12. ….did money have anything to do with GMS? From what I see, this was not the case.

  13. I never used GMS, but still, if the rumors are true, I wouldn’t want my game on the YYG games upload area. However, there will always be forums like the GMG and GMC we can advertise our games on, even if they don’t do actual uploads. I don’t really see much of a difference. Oh, and there’s always 64Digits.

  14. The end of GM seems to come towards us fast. Come on everyone, lets demonstrate against YYG with never publish any games on the YYG sites or GMS EVER. This seems to be the only solution, if we can’t speak some words of wisdom with Mark Overmans.

  15. This topic needs updating now that Sandy/Mark have put out new information (see GMC pinned topic). Sounds like it’s being cleared up now – the GMS will still have forums and they will be allowed to take their games off YYG.

  16. Told you this would go bad. It’s over 4 months overdue.
    And you call me a pessamist.

  17. “Come on everyone, lets demonstrate against YYG with never publish any games on the YYG sites or GMS EVER. This seems to be the only solution, if we can’t speak some words of wisdom with Mark Overmans.”

    That’s funny because to be honest, to orchestrate something of that scale would require a person with a high status among the GM’ers. And most “greats” are totally in favor of this YYG move.

  18. Ugh… God… what the heck are they DOING… It’s like they’re trying to screw up as badly as Sony or something.

  19. Okey, so we need to find a “great” that is against the YYG. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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