YYG Wants Safe-mode on

Yo Yo Games has posted on their [g]log to let users know that they thouroughly encourage the use of safe mode when submitting a game to their site. As a reward for doing so, it seems as if “safe mode is your best bet to easily get higher rankings and more downloads if that is your highest priority.”

The problem with enabling safe-mode is there are many restrictions to what you can and cannot do (in an effort to prevent the game from doing harm to the end user’s system). This means features like extensions (for using DLLs and extended script packages) will have to be disabled, leaving your game limited to only the built-in features. Additionally some built-in functions will also be disabled when in safe-mode (no word on what exactly will not be useable, but it is likely it may relate to functions which deal with external information such as retrieving system variables and writing external files).

There will also be an automated screening process implemented to filter out games which they deem potentially dangerous. They are not giving any information out relating to how games may be screened (as it could be used to bypass/trick the screening process).


13 Responses

  1. yet again you twist the words to make it sound bad… it must be a natural talent.

  2. They say that it’s better to use safe mode because then people can trust the game more, the functions to create potentially dangerous software are deactivated.

    In particular these are extensions, use of Dlls, reading and writing files outside the game’s directory, writing into the registry and executing programs.

  3. @Chronic: I agree, Scorptek is using far to many negative connotations in articles. Your news should be from a neutral standing offering information from both arguments and let your readers make up their own mind.

    Since I’ve learned how to use DLLs I’ve heavily relied on them, this does come as a blow for me, an I’m sure many other users. I think only beginners/user inexperienced with Game Maker use only safe-mode functions.

  4. @celebraces, thank you for your suggestion. We will be looking to provide more objective articles in the future that are open to interpretation and opinnions on both sides.

  5. Completely agree with celebraces.
    It’s an interesting feature, but i feel it must be more flexible; ie: programs with dlls should be advertised with a warning. Remeber 64digit’s medal system given to the mebers? Something similar should be done/given to the downloadable files.

  6. @celebraces
    I agree with you abought every thing but one: “I think only beginners/user inexperienced with Game Maker use only safe-mode functions.” because that is untrue, it would be almost impossible to make a game with only un-safe mode functions.
    Oh and do extensions work in safe mode?(i am assuning no but…)

  7. Extensions don’t work in safe mode unfortunately. I’d also like to say that If you look at any commercial game out there, there is a very high chance it will use external dlls, edit the registry and write files in various places in order to get the functionality it requires. So basically we’re encouraged to limit our games functionality and make more simple games so that they can more easily determine that our game is safe.

    We’ve only had a couple of problems in the past on the GMC with games being harmful, and they were delt with appropriately without the need of a safe-mode encouragement policy. I’d also like to point out, I’m sure there are still ways of causing distruction with safe-mode on, I haven’t really looked into it but there must be something. (Like screwing up the screen resolution, refresh rate and preventing the game from closing). So after all that trouble you’ll still end up with harmful games (possibly even more because of the “challenge” to beat the system.

  8. Yeah, I totally see those 12 year olds in our community hack the FBI website via YoYo Games….

  9. You say games, are you talking about .gmks or executables?

  10. I agree with Chronic you did make it sound like hell on earth there’s page 13 of the apocalypse…

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