GMRumors Launch

In an effort to separate the facts from the rumors, Scorptek has now released a second news blog. The new blog (Called GMRumors) will run parallel to this site. However it is not just for rumors, it’s a blog where we encourage users to post their own news items (or a discovered rumor) and discuss other news items. Its also a place where pending GMNews articles will appear until their sources are confirmed and they become non-rumors.

It is open to all users, and the blog will be much more leniant in terms of the content that is posted. Users are free to submit their own articles in the “User Posted Rumors” section, and the best ones will be moved to the front page.

Go to GMRumors now ->

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15 Responses

  1. Waste of time, resources and money.
    Why would we want to here rumours? If they’re true they’ll end here.

  2. Hmm, I guess that explains why why gets hundreds of thousands of views a month. I realize obviously that this is not an apple blog, and the demand for it is much less… I’m simply pointing out that these types of blogs are still successful.

    The purpose of the site is to:
    – Provide smaller news that doesn’t exactly warrant a full GMNews article
    – Provide a community for users to discuss Game Maker related rumors, ideas, and the future of Game Maker etc.
    – Provide a place for users to submit their own GMNews and Rumor articles
    – To seperate news that is completely confirmed, authentic and is from reliable sources… from news which cannot be confirmed, ans is from questionable sources (users can also post if they have any info concerning a rumor, and then if the sources add up, it can get bumped up here).

  3. “Hmm, I guess that explains why why gets hundreds of thousands of views a month.”

    You aren’t Apple, you make less than one post per day as it is. You really don’t need to divide your content, and you’re really only doing this because of one article which has already been confirmed as news, not rumour, anyway.

  4. I’m sorry, but this has got to be the silliest thing. Ever. [:p]

    Are you going to have tabloid features about t3mp3st’s new kid and question who the real father is? Delve into our deep private lives? [:p]

  5. worst blog ever.

  6. I really don’t think this is necessary. I know you might be short of articles but that doesn’t mean you have to delve into rumors. (lol Takagi, great comment)

  7. Or… Its the Off Topic section GMC never had.

    Why do we support chevy(GMC) instead of Ford? GMC should be called ford…
    Fabulous Over Rumpled… Dispensers.

  8. There’s a reason Wordpess gives tags. Just use them to mark confirmed or unconfirmed. You don’t need a whole new blog.

    To sum up all the comments until now, bad idea.

  9. The idea is to separate them entirely. Users and moderators have been complaining about rumors keep ending up on the main news site that everyone is viewing. The idea is to have a less popular area of the site to discuss possible news items, and rumors. Then users can help out by posting sources which confirm those rumors. We are encouraging the community to help out and contribute to the news items.

  10. Actually i think the moderators are complaining that such a blog exists, It really does cause more trouble for the gmc staff.

  11. Well good luck then, but i still don’t like the idea.

  12. Well, there are even enough rumours on the GMC and in the [g]log. I guess there is no need for another source of confusion, especially when the most newbs and not-so-involved persons take the things you write there serious. The time there should be better invested into polishing the quality of this blog here.

  13. I like the idea.

  14. …. you’ve got too much time on your hands, right?

  15. You mean, this isn’t GMRumours? This isn’t where I parked my car..

    [ Scorptek edit: Please use a valid e-mail address when posting next time ]

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