YYG Addresses Public

Yo Yo Games has finally made a public announcement regarding the YoYo Games company and their website.

Found on their official [G]log, Sandy (who is taking the role of a spokesperson for the company) is excited to announce that the website is “nearly there.” He explains how no release date will be given, as he realizes how disappointing it can be to users if the expected release date is once again delayed. Sandy is encouraging beta testers to find their old fly-swatters and rid the site of any bugs they can find as there is limited time left until the site is finally released.

As good as this news gets, it just got better. Sandy also announced that the company has hired two new members Nick Moulds, and the much much needed customer support assistant (and web admin), Clayton Spicer.

There was also a mention to Game Maker’s EULA. “I’ve had the GM7 EULA rewritten,” Sandy says. This time it is meant to be easier to understand, more descriptive (and unambiguous) and less “legal-spiel” terminology nobody can understand. The license will however remain the same in the sense that no changes will be made to what is or isn’t allowed, it is simply being clarified so there is no confusion.


6 Responses

  1. Yeah if they continue I might finally find something new on the site I have been checking for the past what seems like forever…

  2. I always said things will get better. Good luck yoyogames!

  3. Isn’t Sandy a girl’s name? English isn’t my first language, so I’m probably wrong…
    As for the progress: FINALLY.

  4. Checked the name ‘Sandy Duncan’ with google image search… only pictures of woman popped up.

    When I tried ‘Sandy Duncan Xbox Europe’ the right picture finally popped up. Yeah, it’s a guy 🙂
    God, I would never forgive my parents if they had given me a girl’s name…

  5. Nobody reads the Eula anyway.
    I’ve mode to game hacking, MMBN6 and 2-6.
    Hex is a really hard thing to learn. + its fun to find data from teh last game that works : )
    Google The Rockman Exe Zone to see-you must register to see the hacking guides though.

  6. I meant moved in my last post. also… customer support is going to be a huge problem for him… he better ask for a big hefty price on salary…

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