Massive YYG News Update

Here are few juicy ‘secret’ details on YoYo Games’ site updates that I have put together after exploring the beta site release.

The first stop on today’s tour is the official YoYo Games banners (meant to be used on your websites, forum signatures etc.)

Others: [Mini 1] [Mini 2] [Mini 3]

The next stop is a little more interactive.. here is an example of the new YoYo Games forum. It’s not exactly in shape yet and the GMC will still remain open for the time being. The forum lacks many features (has much less functionality than the current GMC) and has some other minor issues.

Click here to test the new forum out

Those interested in YoYo Games’ website terms of use policy can find it here.

Many parts of the site feature an embed code allowing you to embed user profiles, game submissions into a website. See here for example.

Here is an example of a review, as you can see it is possible to rate the game in many aspects (eg graphics, sound, gameplay, etc) , instead of a simple “7/10” type post that is common to GMC topics.


You might also be pleased to know that the new site has a Feedback and Contact Us link (may be directed to a help-desk type system), so hopefully there will be a better communication flow and an easy way of getting the answers you need from staff who can actually answer your question.


Some other notes of interest:

– Members cannot rate or review their own games, sorry 😛
– Members have the ability to edit such things as reviews after posting them and delete their game submissions etc.
– If you an encounter an error on the site (ie a real one, not a ‘you forgot to enter your username’ error), it will automatically be sent to the guys who run the site so it can be fixed ASAP
– Members can add and remove other members as friends, similar to myspace or You Tube
– A full Wiki system has been integrated into the Website
– A scrolling “carousel” has been implemented to allow scrolling through items such as a member’s game submissions
– For some odd reason ratings our out of 6, not 5 (not possible to give middle rating)
– Comments are limited to 500 characters across the site

Well thats probably enough info to take in for one day. Contribute your 2 cents on how you think the site is coming along.