Chronic Impersonator

Today many users woke up to a topic supposedly written by Chronic announcing the forum closure and the Yo Yo Games site official opening.

The impersonator quotes:


As some of you may know (most won’t). The forum will be closed tomorrow sometime between 12 am-1pm UK time. Shortly after its closing the YoYo Games forum will be up and running at there site along with the publishing feature among other things.

I will also post this in announcements soon.

In other news Takagi will be retiring also and be replaced shortly after the release of the new forum.

Some users over time realized that the impersonator was not actually Chronic, but in fact a very good imposter. The user posting the topic had registered on the forums with the username Chronìc. Unless you were really paying attention, it would be easy to miss the accent on the ì that allowed him to make an account with that name. Additionally the user copied Chronic’s real avatar and signature to appear more authentic.

However, there were a few inconsistencies that readers may have found, mostly:
– Join date was Today, obviously the real Chronic joined the forum years ago
– The imposter’s signature is not centered like Chronic’s
– Grammar errors: Specifcally, the imposter starts off with “As some of you may know (most won’t).” as a sentence, obviously it is incomplete and a comma would be more appropriate.
– I’m sure Chronic would refer to it as GMT time, not “UK” time
– Chronic would never double post a topic in the community and the announcements section
– Missing comma after “In other news”, and Chronic just wouldn’t say that
– Other missing commas throughout post

So please discount this post if you see it on the GMC.


13 Responses

  1. OK u gave people almost no info so here is some more.
    Here is part of the topic but not the whole thing

    the whole thing included a fake takagi (
    Who said something like im really am quitting the i thing is just an error (part of the reason were are moving the forum)

    then the fake Chronic posted again and said “Dance my puppets dance”
    someone made a topic about this ( )
    and Yourself is a little clueless

  2. Haha poor id stealer. Uhm now what happens of him?

  3. There was also a Mark impostor and two Takagi impostors.

  4. You one of them? (just kidding).
    How come all fake accounts are still existent?
    Last I checked (before the URL change that is) they were visible to the public.

  5. Aww man, i missed the fun. Anyways, these accounts are now banned.

  6. I would have like to (get that little guy). In other news celebraces hates these kind of people. See ya soon (UK Time).

  7. They don’t delete them so then they can’t be used again. They are just banned.

  8. The title under his name didn’t say ‘Administrator’. That’s enough to identify an imposter.

  9. Woops, I obviously meant ‘Moderator’….

  10. Or was it ‘Global Moderator’? Ah….uhm…. WHATEVER.

  11. It’s administrator. 🙂

  12. Dude that was so crazy that topic died very quickly at least that mark imposter really ticked me off… Well why would somebody do that anyway did they think it was funny???

  13. lol the fake takagi advatar is now “im a fake takagi” do they do this will people who do impersonate people or somthing?

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