Update your bookmarks

The GMC will be changing its official URL very shortly as announced by Mark Overmars on the GMC:

Dear Users,

To bring the GMC forums inside the domain of YoYo Games we will this weekend change the forum url into http://gmc.yoyogames.com. This will most likely cause a short downtime for the forums. Current plan is to do this on Saturday morning, UK time.

Note that only the address will change. The forums will continue to run on the same server and the contents will not be changed.

You can already update your links to http://gmc.yoyogames.com as that address now redirects to the forums. Once the change is made the old forum address will redirect to the new one. So this all should be pretty transparent.

Mark Overmars

No word yet on whether a new version of Game Maker 7 will be released with the new link change (help menu > Forums… still links to http://forums.gamemaker.nl).