What is YYG doing?

Please accept our apologies for the lack of news lately, Scorptek staff have been on holidays.

That being said, there has not been much news to report this month. Yo Yo Games has once again delayed their website release and there is no information suggesting when a public “beta” will be made available. Their “place holder” website hasn’t changed in weeks, and as this article is being published the entire Yo Yo Games [YYG] website is unavailable, possibly due to capacity/bandwidth problems.

Yo Yo Games was supposed to have made a public announcement a few weeks ago about over-the-phone offline registration for users without internet access. This announcemet was never made, and the only reference to such a registration procedure is the brief mention of one particular user trying out the phone registration system many weeks ago with no information on the success of the trial. This means despite the claims to have an offline registration system up and running fairly quickly, there seems to be no public mention of how to go about registering [or activating] your copy of Game Maker this way, ultimately leaving many users stranded without an activated copy on their personal computers.

In case users are not aware of this already, Yo Yo Games has an “official” development blog where progress on Game Maker / YYG Website releases is discussed. Even though it is pratically the only source of information floating around about Yo Yo Games and it’s development, it wouldn’t be surprising if most users didn’t know about this blog at all. In fact, all of the links to it have been mysteriously removed from the Yo Yo Games website, leaving most users clueless about where and how to contact YYG and find out more about the Game Maker registration process, any new website releases/updates etc. Do not fret if you have not been keeping up to date with the blog, because YYG has failed to update it with any new information in almost a month.

This leaves us with one final Question: What is Yo Yo Games doing?

This is supposed to be a company with standard Monday – Friday office hours, yet contacting them is almost impossible and the company is failing to let anyone know what they are doing with all that time.


5 Responses

  1. Well, I do think we should at least wait until they have their website ready before we go ballistic.

    I personally think GM7 should have been released as usual, and then a YYG announcement and GM7.1 release with a few more features (like Vista-compatible icons).

  2. I neither know what the hell they are doing. I myself wait for an email answer since weeks, and I know of someone who is waiting over a month. Whatever they do, they shouldn’t cut off their connection to the world outside their office. Because then they will fall from their high throne sooner or later.

  3. My question to you is; Why do YoYo Games need to keep us informed of their every move?

  4. They must not inform us about every move they’re doing. But they should answer support questions as they are supposed to do and as they are paid for.

  5. I knew yoyo was bad news when I saw it. They can’t get anything done on time, so why bother even supporting them?

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