Yo Yo News Update

According to Sandy, offline registration will begin early next week. The first user correojon will get the first try with the offline activation on Monday. This will allow users without an internet connection on their PC to activate Game Maker 7.0 with a valid registration. You may say, who doesn’t have an internet connection? Especially when you need an internet connection to download Game Maker, however it is very common in homes to have set-ups where the main “family” computer has internet access, but not others (eg a PC in a bedroom that is often used).

Another point of interest is that the GMC may not move to the Yo Yo Games site as previously thought. Sandy indicated that the forum was quite an accomplishment and it is something that will probably continue after the introduction of the new website. So far there is no indication that the new website will contain a forum that resembles the current Game Maker Community. No further information is known at this point as to whether this will change. If the GMC is kept as an active (not just a read-only) board, there is no information on whether the forum software will be upgraded; although considering how outdated it is, it would be good for them to consider.


7 Responses

  1. Time will tell….. 🙂

  2. We already knew that GMC wasn’t moving to yoyogames…
    Mark and Sandy have both said for months that yoyo will have its own setup and that the GMC will remain seperate.

    They’ve said that the GMC will be closed for new topics but open to replies, and ultimately closed for good, though Sandy has speculated that it may remain “online” forever.

  3. Oh, and I think you missed some news:
    Sandy: I would like the games to run in a “virtual console”

    This sounds like he’s actually trying to do what the site seems to suggest… Gamemaker games would be playable online…

  4. Why does the GMC need updated? It seems to work very well, in my opinion. (If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.)

  5. If moving to the yoyo forum is as complicated as the yoyo website I am going to stay at the GMC.

  6. If I recall correctly, the GMC will be independent and nothing will change about it for a while.

  7. They could at least be a little more consistent about the information they are giving us.

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