Yo Yo Site Screenshots

Yo Yo Games have released some sweet looking screenshots of what is to become the new official Game Maker website and community.

From the looks of it, new features seem to include:
– Interface resembling You Tube
– Game Rating System (6 stars for some odd even reason)
– Tag searching feature
– Complete user profiles (with guestbook, lists of your favourite games and games recently downloaded, games you have made, reviews and comments you have made etc.)
– Advanced searching and sorting features
– A lot more

Some things to note:
– Games in Beta / WIP stage do not show up in searches
– You can only upload your game in exe or zip format


7 Responses

  1. Cool. I dont like the layout which the screenshots were in, it looked squashed.

  2. I like the idea of only having a .zip or .exe work

    I don’t like .rar and all the programs I try for it all mess up my interface and stuff.

  3. I like the user profiles. Makes it all more personal 🙂

  4. ok, so it’s a failure.

  5. you may not like rar but what about gmds/gm6s? it’s weird that it’s not an option. yes you could put them in the zip but then you could put the exe in a zip too (and should)

  6. It looks really cool! But you could also put a .rar in a zip to. At least yoyo is doing something cool.

  7. Can’t wait for this to actually be up… hope it has multiple dload methods… (and a 5 star rating system… w/ 6 there is no middle rating)

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