GM7 Aftermath

So far the release of Game Maker 7 has been problematic to say the least. Many users (including Scorptek) were denied an automatic upgrade from GM6 to GM7 due to a server malfunction on Yo Yo Games end. Other users experienced software errors and program crashes. Some of the remaining users couldn’t run the program at all due to new Operating System requirements, and to top it off there were many users without an internet connection to register/upgrade GM.

Gradually these problems have found their solutions, and with time most of these errors and registration problems should be fixed. Yo Yo Games is also working to allow user registration/activation without an internet connection, instead it works over the telephone like many other software applications have an option for. The company has also just finished re-sending confirmation emails to users with their purchase reference / upgrade / activation key because previously the mailserver was not operational and many users did not receive any confirmation or notification emails.

Yo Yo Games seems to be getting on track now, and hopefully over the next couple of weeks most of the bugs in the registration system will be ironed out and put in the past.

Also for users who were concerned about the GM6 download being completely removed from the Game Maker website, please be aware that Mark has updated the page now and GM6.1 can now be downloaded again. Please note however if you did not already purchase a GM6 registration key before, you will be unable to register your copy of the program or purchase a new license for it. If you already have a license, or just want to use the free unregistered mode, you are free to do so, and to use it under the original GM6 license.


10 Responses

  1. Thats great!

  2. cool i alredy got tho i just bought=-)

  3. thats good to know that YoYo is fixing things

  4. There is light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

  5. @Joerdgs:
    I can’t see 😉

    I thinks thats cool.

  6. I’m still waiting for clearification about some weird GM7 license terms. (I mailed these questions five days ago.) I guess it’s too early for aftermath.

  7. Anyone noticed that GameMakerGames is not a link on the right? Despite it being the most popular and successful community next to the Official GMC. I assume its TurquoiseStar being immature (as usual), not much to expect from a site that states the obvious.

  8. Waste of money. You’re all noobs.

  9. Actually Joe, I (pythonpoole) am solely responsible for the links on the right, and I only place links to which Scorptek has official affiliations with (a part from I am currently working on a major project with multiple Game Maker Communities including 64Digits and communities from the makers of Games Showcase, however Game Maker Games has not responded to my email about participating in the project.

  10. I think the admin of this website is truly working hard for his website, since here every
    material is quality based information.

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