GM7 Upgrade Issues

It is ironic that I have ended up posting this article, because only hours ago did I mention in an article the possibility that upgrade issues such as the one I’m reporting on now would occur.I (pythonpoole) just went to the Yo Yo Games website to submit my GM6 key for conversion and to my surprise (not really), I was left at a blank screen reading: Application error (Rails). When I attempted to submit again, I was told my key could no longer be processed (most likely because according to their database I’ve already attempted to convert my key).

As a result, I am currently left with no way of upgrading, and I have waited a day for a response now from Yo Yo Games on how to correct this matter, and so far there has been no communication from them. From the moment I heard that Yo Yo Games would introduce the conversion limit, I knew there would be problems such as this, it should have occur to them that not everything works first go.

PS: To top the ice-cream with the cherry, I also get an Application error (Rails) when I try to use the contact form to report a problem. Very useful indeed. A good way to make unhappy customers.

Edit: It seems as though I’m not the only one with this problem, there is a whole discussion on the GMC about it. To all users who haven’t converted your key, I suggest you wait or you’ll have to do it manually.


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  1. I have the exact same problem, I’ll try again tomorrow and see if it works then.
    I hope it won’t take too long for this to be fixed.

  2. I got the exact same thing

  3. The same thing happened to me too, this is ridiculous! (Not that I’m upset at all. They’ll obviously fix it with all of these problems…)

  4. Hey, thanks for the heads-up. Now if only I could actually get my GM6 key resent…

  5. It won’t even let me register there! YoYo SUX. Mark should have never changed the registering system.

  6. Yeah, I don’t like this whole Yoyo Games thing at all. At first I didn’t mind, but now with all the delays and crap, I am getting disappointed. This is a low point in GMs history. Lets hope Yoyo Games does something about all this and improves.

  7. It appears to be working fine now, I got mine upgraded.
    Mark said (in the last post):
    Should be solved by now. Was also caused by the DNS problem.


  8. *shakes head* It’s dumbness on both sides.

    On Yoyo’s side, they were clearly warned that there was going to be a massive server load at 5pm. They shrugged it off and said everything would be fine. It wasn’t. They should never have done a full instant launch without more experience in handling that kind of traffic – and ESPECIALLY not at 5pm when they were all leaving the office and wouldn’t be around to fix the problems.

    On most of the GMC’s side – you KNEW they weren’t able to cope with the load, because you tried to load the sites at 5pm and found them all crashed. And yet instead of waiting a day for the problems to be fixed, you kept hammering the systems, trying to get your code NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW. Surprise, surprise, it broke and now you’re stuck. It’s the same reason the GMC has so many problems – as soon as there’s a loading error half the idiots turn on refresher programs so they can try to be the FIRST ONE WHEN THE FORUM COMES BACK – and promptly crash the forum.

  9. well at least yoyo fixed the problem :|, got my 7.0 key but i can’t stand that yoyo ad, i would be fine if it said GM, and why use 7.0? the only reason i could think of is vista, oh and mark should dump yoyo for tons of reasons like they over complicate the getting your key process :(.

  10. what yoyo ad? If you mean at the left bottom corner of the editor, you can disable it if you upgrade to pro.

  11. Hey guys, come on…
    Mark has other problems, like the problems with the GMC. At first, almost everybody was happy with Yo Yo Games, but now everybody say it is ****. Yo Yo is there to lower the work load for Mark, they are doing their best, give them a chance. I’m also not happy about the new registration system, but it is now quicker than it ever was, and Mark has no problem with it any longer. You also don’t want to get your hard work stolen, so calm down.

  12. I must say the registration process is extremely frustrating and buggy. I hope they change that.
    DRM? What were they thinking?

  13. @ Stijn Yes, but I try to find out alternatives to DRM in order to keep my customers safe.

    And yes they are here to make Mark work’s easier,
    then how about checking out the keys manually instead of using software wrappers? And keeping their customers happy?
    Don’t forget that this was their intention when they partnered with Mark.

  14. You can turn off the logo without upgrading too. Just look in the preferences…

  15. They sure have a lot to improve. We as a the GMC are not used to bad service.

    Got mine upgraded though…. after carrying my computer downstairs and connecting it to the internet.

  16. oh thank god that ad is gone
    THANK YOU BENDODGE! That advice was very good. 🙂

  17. I think YoYo personally dislikes me.

    First, of all I can’t get my key, I get the “We are having problems processing your key” error
    Second, some people said that they got a email giving them a key if they were not able to use the website. I didn’t get the email sent to the people having this problem.
    Thrid, I have filled out the form, and send them 2 emails (one about this problem, and one about the next) and I haven’t recevied a response.
    Fouth, every time I try to post on their Blog I get this stupid error:
    [quote=YoYo Game’s Blog]WP-Hashcash Check Failed
    Your client has failed to compute the special javascript code required to comment on this blog. If you believe this to be in error, please contact the blog administrator, and check for javascript, validation, or php errors. It is also possible that you are trying to spam this blog.

    If you are using Google Web Accelerator, a proxy, or some other caching system, WP-Hashcash may not let you comment. There are known issues with caching that are fundamentally insoluble, because the page being written to you must be generated freshly. Turn off your caching software and reload the page. If you are using a proxy, commenting should work, but it is untested.

    You have previously failed the check 4 times.

    Your POST variables are: Array ( [comment] => stupid hashcash [submit] => Submit Comment [comment_post_ID] => 30 [hashcash_value] => 2052577082 )

    This comment has been logged, and will not be displayed on the blog.
    I have allowed all Javascript, and tried everything.

    If anyone has any ideas of how to fix this, please tell me.

  18. A few points.

    YoYo Games did not have load issues. They fully expected high server loads and where capable to handle that. The issue which caused the load error as well as the rails error as well as the lack of emails send to a select few was an error in there DNS settings.
    Yes, I also feel they should have found such errors when testing the system however the GMC would have completely killed them if they decided to delay the GM launch for testing.

    Mark Overmars has an average responce time between several days and up to 2 weeks. YoYo Games hasn’t answered my email 1 day ago yet either. That doesn’t make it bad service. They are likely getting flooded with emails and will need time to handle things. Only difference is that they work full time with a team to do this rather then Mark Overmars doing this on his own in the evenings and weekends.

    After I got the email which was somewhat delayed because the email issues I got everything workin. Registration took 2 days which was about the same as with GM6. I believe around 95% of the people got there key within 5 minutes.
    Do we need to blame them that for 5% there wasn’t a speed increase and for 95% there was? Do we need to blame them that Mark Overmars has time to spend with it’s family these weeks?

    No they aren’t gods and yes they make mistakes but so does Mark. An enormous error causing every single Game Maker game to completely crash after half an hour doesn’t give Mark much complaints yet not getting your key the very same second means YoYo Games is evil?
    Mark Overmars and YoYo Games are both humans. They can make mistakes. I believe just about every problem is solved. They will start contacting members with problems on Monday with solutions. What more do you want?

  19. Scorptek would like to remind its users that the views expressed in these blog comments are entirely the opinion of the comments’ authors. Scorptek does not necessarily agree or encourage the belief of any of the views expressed by these authors. Never take the word of any individual’s comments to be true or correct without conducting further research on the subject. If you believe a comment contains disrespectful remarks or incorrect or misleading information, you may report the comment to GM News by emailing comment_moderator [AT] scorptek [DOT] org.

    Ah c’mon …. yoyo is a total **** … at first it didn’t bother me none … but now … I mean what the hell ? this is pure robbery under disguise ! Yoyo is like a company which saw the potential in Mark , came , said to him “why not make this thing HUGE ???” and Mark’s eyes were $$$ cachinnggg ……. and then all turned out to be **** … I’d advise people NOT to buy GM7 anymore and force mark to dump yoyo and then go back to the old system

  20. Simon Donkers, I understand what you are saying, but I sent that email 5 days ago. I understand the stress that comes along with releasing a new product, and I believe that many people have been contacted and their problems have been solved. I don’t expect them to be gods.


    I do expect a good service. I expect at least a email sent saying “Hello, we have taken a look at you problem and we are coming up with a solution. We believe that we can be finished in XX days.”

    Also I did not say YoYo Games was evil. All I want to say is this: “If anyone has any ideas of how to fix this, please tell me.” That is the last line of my post. I did not post to condemn, complain, nor to command, but to ask for help.

    If someone can put my post above into the YoYo Games Glog and say it was from me (Hollowgenshine) I would be very grateful.

  21. Sorry, please forget about the Hashcash errors. They are now fixed

  22. Personaly, I think switching to yoyogames was a GREAT idea. much easier with alot less hassle

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