Automated Reg Upgrade

As previously hinted, the YoYo Games website to be released tomorrow UK time will have a completely automated upgrade system for converting your old GM6 (or 5) key to a GM7 one.

The Yo Yo Games glog reads:

If you hadn’t noticed, then we release GM 7.0 tomorrow (UK time).  We’ve spent today doing final testing and the process seems to work well.  If you’re hoping to UPGRADE in the next few days and weeks then it should be really SIMPLE so long as you have your original GM 5 or GM 6 key.

If you DON’T have this, then the automatic process will not work.

We’ll do everything we can to clear up any issues with lost/stolen/broken keys manually and Mark has written some code to help us , but it WILL be a manual process…so there’s a chance it will take a little time as we need to deal with many of these issues serially.

Once a key has been used once to upgrade it can’t be used again in the automatic process… please keep your original reg key to yourselves !!

If you purchased, or are using a product from a valid site license the automatic process will not work as it only upgrades single user licenses…..again we are ready to deal with this, but we will do this manually.

Good Luck and I hope you all enjoy using GM 7.

As it looks now, the Game Maker Company / Yo Yo Games are starting to work harder on combating piracy. Make sure you don’t lose your GM7 key, you can only go through the process once. The problem with limiting the process to only 1 time per key is there is a high chance someone will lose their key at some point, and also chance that a connection failure could occur during the upgrade key process and perhaps you may have not received your key but the database may already have recorded that you had completed the process. I’m sure if either of these happened, they may be able to work with you to get your key for you manually; but I can’t help but notice that its sounding more like some of Microsoft’s (non-working) crazy ideas of how to stop piracy.


2 Responses

  1. Well, it’s normal… Would you like people hack your site ?
    It’s easy to critic this but if it was your work wich was stolen…

  2. This system is exactly the same as it was for GM5 to GM6. Only difference now YoYo Games is doing it automated rather then Mark Overmars doing it manual. And as we all know YoYo Games is a bunch of crooks and manual work always goes flawless then this really is a terrible move.

    On the Game Maker site you can request your registration key to be send to you if you lost it. I would expect this system to remain so that if you loose your registration key you can still continue to use Game Maker. Only if you you change your email adress after upgrading your registration key and ignoring the instructions about printing it and closing down your old email account and loosing your registration key you would have a problem.

    The only possibility I see that could go wrong is that the server dies under the load tomorrow although if you can’t get the new key you also can’t get your old key so it won’t be blocked.

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