GM Server Down

Chronic has recently announced that the Game Maker Community forum will be down until further notice. Apparently there is a MySQL database error that can be corrected only by restarting the server, and only Mark has access to restart the server.


We seem to be have some kind of mySQL issue. The forum will be offline until this issue is solved.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update (05:39am GMT): I’ve done a quick search and it seems that the server needs to be restarted. Mark Overmars will need to do this as I don’t have access to that part of the cpanel. – Chronic.

EDIT: To keep this article interesting, I thought I’d throw in a couple of stats that may interest you. The GMC’s current database size is 1240.92 MB at the time the forum was taken offline due to the mysql errors, and so far the forum has used 44661.50 MB in bandwidth/data transfer since the beginning of this month.

A little inconvenient and at an inopportune time; just moments away from Yo Yo Games’ official announcement on when the final version of Game Maker 7 and the first version of the Yo Yo Games website will be released.


4 Responses

  1. Yeah, kinda crappy timing for the server to go down like that, especially today. But as i understand from the YYG glog, the announcement about GM7 download will made there so it doesn’t really affect it that much.

  2. seems the forums are up now…

  3. Why is the human race cursed with the natural ability to make mistakes?


    Well, it would be a boring world if we did everything right 😀

  4. all upgrades for game maker 7

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