GM7 Delay Statement

Mark Overmars recently posted at the GMC to inform us of the reasons behind the Game Maker 7 launch delay.

I know that many of you are anxiously waiting for version 7.0 of Game Maker and also for the new YoYo Games site. I am sorry to say that there is a slight delay but we are all working very hard on finalizing things.

The problem is that a number of things have to be ready at the same moment: the new version of the software (this is actually finished), the new website, and the new payment mechanism. In particular the last takes more time than we hoped.

I cannot yet give a firm release date but it will be soon. Please be a bit more patient.


What are your thoughts, seems as there have been quite a few delays lately, however its probably for the better. More time = better quality product and services.


27 Responses

  1. ive gotta say if this is what has gotta happen, let it happen..

    We all know it will be released.

  2. Having Vista sucks until GM7 comes out. >_>

  3. Well in my opinion, if GM7 is finished, it should be released. The existing website works just as well, and if people have to wait for a few days to register it, I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. But that’s just my opinion, and I suppose if it means that things will work perfectly when it finally goes up, then maybe it’s worth it.

  4. Let him have the time he wants; gm is released anyway. Good luck Mark!!

  5. Game Maker 7 will have a different registration mechanism as Game Maker 6. Thus, if we want to use Game Maker 7 registered we need the registration system.

    I prefer to wait a little while longer and get a fully working Game Maker 7 rather then directly get a Game Maker 7 which is locked down and gives me less functionality then Game Maker 6 did.

  6. ^ He told it all

  7. maybe regrestration and upgrade will be automated

  8. Hey, at least we know he is going to release it!
    The new version is most likely worth the wait.
    By the way, does GM7 work with Vista?

  9. In all honesty, what difference will a few days make? A week after its out you’ll be heads down in game making and wont have noticed a thing. There’s no point in launching something half-baked, so I’m all for him getting everything right before releasing it to the world.

  10. You already had to wait 2 years until now, and now a few days or a week are too much? You first should think about that before complaining that GM7 takes a few days longer. Compared to the 2 years passed it’s a blink of the eye.

    And if you have nothing to do besides game making you should worry about yourself instead of the release date of Game Maker 7.

  11. Finally some official statements, good to hear it’s almost done. Good luck with the rest Mark, this will be great.

  12. Boo-hoo.

    Too many people cry of an delay of a few days.

  13. At least he could release a beta-version that did not require Gamemaker 6 reg installet. GM6 doesn’t run in Vista, and i’m getting sick and tired of not being able to use Gamemaker 😦

  14. Well.. stuck using RPG Maker 2003 (Somewhat works on Vista?) for now, and wants GM7. I can wait though.

  15. Man, I am pretty much done with this. This is crap! Why not release it now then take it to Yoyo when its done! It’s already finished!

  16. Wow Mgamerz, can you not handle a simple delay?

  17. a ‘simple’ delay is an enormous pain in the butt for people who use GM for commercial purposes. You kids making little freeware games, it doesn’t matter much – unless you have Vista and can’t make games at all at the moment, which does suck.

    But for people who actually make a living from this product and have their OWN deadlines to keep up…. How would you like to have to go tell your boss ‘Sorry, I can’t give you the new version because, um, well, this guy has the new engine but he won’t let me have it because the website isn’t ready…’

    (Luckily, *my* deadline isn’t for a month, so I should be okay. But if anyone else was counting on GM7 being out when it was supposed to be out, they’re in trouble.)

  18. You can’t place blame on other people like that, so that argument wouldn’t be valid.

  19. I have to admit, since I’m using it for commercial purposes it kind of does suck that it isn’t out, but still. At least it’s coming out soon

  20. GM6 is very cool and its enough.
    Im only interested at the 3d functions.

    something new?

  21. “You can’t place blame on other people like that, so that argument wouldn’t be valid.”

    Um, how is it not valid if it’s completely TRUE? If you have been requested to provide a GM7 build of your game, you CANNOT do it, because GM7 isn’t out yet – or rather, because GM7 exists but they won’t give it to us. 🙂 There’s not a single thing we can do about it.

    (Again, some of us thought to include clauses to cover ‘In the event of Mark dropping dead of a heart attack or quitting the business and not being able to release any more updates to Game Maker, I am not required to keep producing new versions.’ I hope anyone else who is under contract THINKS about how many problems this delay is causing and has their contracts similarly modified, so they don’t end up SUED later if GM versions do stop coming out.)

  22. Geez, I just want the program! Is that too much to ask? I don’t care about YoYo Games or the site, I just want GM7! YoYo Games is holding Mark back.

  23. Are the rumors true that GM7 is actually on Mark’s website, just no link? I’ve heard people have *guessed* the URL and actually got the full GM7. Any thoughts?

  24. GM always keeps us waiting. They should just give us a date that is later than they expect if they aren’t sure about when it will really happen, then they may be able to actually surprise us 😛

  25. The date should be released today in the evening GMT. Perhaps they are doing something as i speak, as the forums appear to be down.

  26. stop complaining, just learn c++ and screw this slow piece of crap like i did.

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