GMC Overload – Crash

The GMC has just been overloaded with a multitude of server busy errors. After reaching server load numbers as high as 4 or more, the server performed a full reboot. Apart from the GMC being completely inaccessible (simply a connection failed message from your ISP), the Game Maker site was also affected as font styles and such were altered adjusting the position of most of the content on the pages. After a while the GMC was up and running again with a 1.25 server load. Just goes to show, even though we upgraded recently, the server is still experiencing busy problems and resorting to a complete shutdown as the only method of revival.

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  1. Woot First reply!
    Yea, I think we really should move to yoyo games community if it fixes this stuff.

  2. I think we need a better server, that won’t have all the “server busy” problems. I think I may have been one of the four server busies, because I got a server busy message, then 15 minutes later, I tried again and got a failed message from my ISP…

  3. I didn’t notice it…

  4. uh dude not realy a reply on this but ur dates are a litle fast its 2,11,07 today but it says its 2,12,07 lol just a little thing i noticed.

  5. Thats because Scorptek’s main headquarters are situated in Australia where it is almost always one day ahead of North America.

  6. Does anyone know if the current server is dedicated or shared?

  7. It’s supposedly dedicated.

  8. Woot, go Australia! I too am growing tired of database errors and slow loading times. Is the YoYo system going to be on the same server?

  9. The server is dedicated. They said that before. I never really experience server busy errors, because I’m down here in Europe. Most Americans are still sleeping while I’m in the forum.

    Gets more busy in the evening though.

  10. At the moment the server is solely dedicated to host the GMC and the Game Maker homepage.

  11. Windapple, as far as I know the Game Maker site is not hosted on the GMC server, last time I checked it was hosted from a university (although this may have changed), but I’m positive they are not on the same server. Some evidence suggesting this is when the GMC crashed last night and there was a connection failure (i.e. all users got a connection failure message from their ISP), the Game Maker site proceeded to load without conflict (other than a css/font style problem which must be linked to a file on the GMC server).

  12. Luckily everything is restored for now. I don’t know what YoYo has planned on doing except make a GMC copy.

  13. @gmnews: Well, the GMC and have the same IPs, this could be tested here:

    Just enter and the shown security code and you’ll see that,, and have the same IP. So I guessed they must be on the same server.

  14. I have been experincing busy errors lately but I got Game Tap three days ago (and have been playing non stop) so I wasn’t on the community at the time.

  15. mark said was on a deticated server so maybe he owns and plans on doing somthing with it in the future

  16. Lets just hope the new Yoyo Games forums won’t have errors
    Otherwise there will be lots of people who don’t like the whole idea of Yoyo Games
    I really don’t mind at all, as long as it doesn’t cause any problems

  17. The strange thing is i kept getting these errors with very few members online.

  18. “It’s supposedly dedicated.”

    If the server is dedicated, then it must be a very mediocre server. A dedicated server could handle the GMC with no problem at all.

  19. I guess it might be the outdated software, not the server.

  20. Nah, Invision’s software wouldn’t be that inefficient.

  21. IIRC, the server for the forum also hosts the games and stuff from Or am I missing something?

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