Hamachi – Solution to mplay?

I recently discovered Hamachi this week, I must say it is a really useful tool. Not just to get past not port forwarding your NAT enabled router, but also to use to administer your home network remotely.

My school tends to block pretty much everything, whether it be MSN, a games site, you name it. Naturally I was unable to connect to my home-server from school (neither was my friend able to connect to his). This however was quite a big problem, as my home network is very large and needs lots of monitoring and on-site IT staff (i.e. me) to fix problems as they occur. When your phones, house lighting, P/A announcement system and internet rely on a single server to run it, its very important that I’m able to access the home network to fix any problems from School that occur during the day.

Not only am I now able to get past the school’s firewall to access my computer, I can even use Remote Desktop as if I was on the LAN. I also registered my softphone with my PBX call manager system from school, so I could make free calls “internally” to areas of the house from school, and also externally to any country.

So what does this have to do with multiplayer games you might ask… Well, Hamachi is used to connect to computers on an open LAN which normally would not be able to connect properly due to port forwarding problems. This means so long as Person A and Person B have hamachi installed and running and are hooked up to the same network on hamachi.. no matter where they are in the world, what their router settings are they can play a game together utilizing Game Maker’s mplay system.

So, if you’re looking for a program to have remote access to your home lan, or you want to connect but are normally blocked because a specific port hasn’t been forwarded; then please download hamachi (free) and give it a try. http://www.hamachi.cc


8 Responses

  1. Hmm, very interesting indeed. Maybe we could ask the creators to make some kind of special version that games could bundle and use easily.

  2. WARNING: Hamachi is INSECURE.

    Quote from another forum I occasionally visit centred around an online multiplayer game with servers:

    “This is a warning for those of you that use Hamachi to connect to other people.

    Hamachi works by simulating a LAN over the internet with other people. This opens them up to be able to print on your printers and browse/change/delete your files.

    My suggestion to you is to only let people who you REALLY TRUST join your network. Only your best [Name of that game] buddies should be allowed to use your Hamachi network, if you must use it at all.

    This message brought to you by your local security-conscious mod makers. “

  3. When you have an online game based on Hamachi it means all users need to have it installed. It also means that people have full rights anybody has on your network. Almost all home networks I have come across are based around a hardware firewall/router and file and printer sharing and everything enabled on the LAN. When people combine this with Hamachi you allow people a backdoor with full access past your firewall and past all your security systems with the same permissions as the rest of the PC’s on your network. (printer sharing, file sharing, media sharing…)

    Even if the person running the game has fully secured the PC then still, all users connecting open there PC’s completely. Hamachi isn’t designed for opening your PC to complete strangers.

    Just include a link to a tutorial site like http://portforward.com/ so people can configure there systems. Don’t let unaware end users install this security hole on there system.

    If you need a tool for administrating a remote server try something like UltraVNC with a good encryption plugin. Find out which port is open at your school network and let it use that.

  4. Yes, I use this software a lot with my friends. We all have routers and port forwarding never worked. I honestly don’t give a * about a so said security hole, I never say anything about that and I can say that this software is great.

  5. Personally i dislike hamachi. Maybe because of security reasons? I don’t know but as a pc user i dislike games connecting to the net without my consent (ie: bypassing the firewall)

  6. Hamachi’s an horrible application. Poor interface, not to mention the bad implementation.

  7. I updated my reg.code to Game Maker 7 but it doesn’t work!

    Sorry my bad english – I’m German

  8. You’ve gotten among the best sites.

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