YoYo Registration Open

YoYo Games has now officially opened their site for user registration. As promised, they implemented a feature to claim your GMC username, preventing others from stealing it.

See http://www.yoyogames.com/

There is still no word as to when the site and new forum will officially open; although in all likely-hood it will be before version 7 of Game Maker is released (around Februrary 15).

It is significant to note however, that the opening is a bit late. Registration was expected to be available from the the 1st, and it wasn’t released until well after the 2nd of February had begun. While this doesn’t seem like such a delay, it does set a first impression about the YoYo Games group whom only just joined with the Game Maker company. That impression indicates that the group is not necessarily going to keep on track with future projects, and get what needs to be done when its supposed to be done.

Lately there have been so many small and large delays with Game Maker releases, betas, websites, and what not, perhaps its better to just say “coming soon” than to give a definitive date and disappoint a lot of users. It’s also interesting to note that Mark Overmars announced 15 of February as (pretty much) the final release date for GM 7, however the second beta of GM7 doesn’t expire until a few days later. While this could be just as precaution in-case anything were to happen and a small delay was unavoidable, it could also mean Mark wasn’t sure that the deadline could be met.

Lately there have been quite a few rumours spreading around about what will happen to the GMC once Yo Yo Games’ site is finalized and publicly accessible. As far as Game Maker News is concerned, nothing is definitive, and until further notice or evidence suggests otherwise, everything is as normal for now.


7 Responses

  1. Registration is kind of hard, and there is no log-in button. Anyway, I want more of the site to be up now! 😦

  2. They are just waiting for GM7 to come out.

  3. Maybe an un-expected problem occured with the app.

    I mean, look at Vista, it was delayed months, and most all of us still trust microsoft. Vista was delayed years, where this was delayed a day. This delay really isn’t un-expected..

    Many things get delayed, its life

  4. Whatever. If stuff gets delayed a few days, it’s not a big problem. As long as those days don’t turn into weeks, and those weeks don’t turn into months 😛

  5. Microsoft is evil how dare you mention there name(oops…).

  6. haha

    They are evil aren’t they..

    Well, I was ranting pretty much, so ha!

    P.S. I used Vista today

  7. Very funny, but what can you DO with it?

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