Design Change

Yes its that time of year again.

Time to spice things up and change the Game Maker News site design that is. I hope you all digg the new design, I’m fairly happy with it myself. Some of the new features that are added include:

  1. Two side-bars (left & right) for more side links / widgets making it easier to locate the article, feature, link, or information you’re looking for
  2. Side bars re-organized to be more efficient. Recent / live widgets such as the latest articles, comments, top articles of the day, etc. are on the left side of the site. The right side-bar is for the permanent and old ‘stuff’ such as links, news archives, and a calendar of when articles were posted
  3. New feature to count how many spam comments were blocked by the system
  4. The article poster is now listed automatically so we don’t have to remember to sign our name’s at the bottom of each article
  5. New links added such as 64Digits and Games Showcase, due to a newly formed partnership with Scorptek.
  6. A slightly hidden easter egg 🙂
  7. New url address
  8. Added a new page “Blog Awards” with a list of all the different awards/accomplishments of GM News given by WordPress

That’s right, all you have to type in now is! So sit back and relax and enjoy the new site.

UPDATE: Added Game Maker News Awards Page

Don’t forget to comment on this article so we can get user feedback.


9 Responses

  1. Nice new design, great eye candy. And beautiful colours, too. But I’m surprised about the amount of spam being blocked, I never thought that it would be so much.

  2. I’m sorry to say it, but every time you change design I think the previous one was better. It’s the same this time, the last them was better. This one is a bit… bleak. There is far too much blue out on the internet nowadays. :/

  3. I like it, but I think the sides should have a much deeper blue.

  4. Nice design! I found the easter egg… 🙂

  5. found the easter egg too! here is a hint for everyone who have not found it yet, it is near the right side bar

  6. Found the easter egg too 😛
    Nice design btw. Hope it will increase popularity.

  7. The title of the item ‘Book/boek translation/vertaling’ doesn’t fit in the sidebar. Also my latest comment with some long URL’s looked rather ugly displayed.
    Other then that I like it. Thanks for the links :).

  8. Just wondered about the easteregg :). thought it was a hacker
    Nice design, great colors – but the previous one was also very good

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