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Note: The author of this article warns readers before hand that the infomation in this article is subject to change in the future.

Today Shaltif (a GMC moderator) announced that the Extending Game Maker forum will be making some changes to its policy / rules area. It is now required when showcasing a creation to indicate using pre-chosen tags what your creation is.

Specifically, the tags are as follows:

_DLL_ – Dynamic Link Library
_SCR_ – Script
_LIB_ – Library
_EXT_ – Game Maker Extension
_ENG_ – Engine

Example: _DLL_ SXMS has been released!

As I pointed out in a personal chat with Shaltif, when GM7 comes out most of the creations will be _EXT_ extensions, and this does not clarify what kind of extension it is (Lib, DLL, or script based). So eventually it will end up with all _EXT_ topics and that defeats the purpose of having a tag to distinguish between the Game Maker extension types.

 12:44a29 <pythonpoole> Hi, just wanted to point out something with the new tagging system.. since an extension can be a Lib, DLL or Script(s).. using the _EXT_ tag doesn’t really tell you anything about the creation other than it was designed for GM7.
12:44a45 <Shaltif> I just read your post wink1.gif
12:44a53 <pythonpoole> oh ok
12:45a12 <Shaltif> I do agree that this tag does not tell the user how the extension is done
12:45a24 <Shaltif> but part of the reason for using an Extension is so the end user doesn’t need to know
12:45a38 <Shaltif> it’s supposed to be intergrated into the API as if it was ‘part of GM all along’
12:46a08 <pythonpoole> hmm yes I suppose, but I don’t think many advanced users would appreciate downloading action library extensions without knowing before hand
12:47a09 <Shaltif> Well, I’m not saying a user can’t say somewhere in their topic title or topic description more about the Extension
12:48a04 <pythonpoole> yeah, well I guess its fine. Just compared to the dll/scr/lib tags its very general, especially once everyone starts moving to GM7 and everything will be _EXT_
12:51a00 <Shaltif> Hmm, an interesting point.  I will add that under consideration.  Would you mind if I copy/paste this convo into the topic?
12:51a20 <pythonpoole> no problem

So, Shaltif will look into this, and possibly change the system in the near future to be more specific about what kind of Extension it is using sub tags, or having all extensions showcased in a extensions forum.

11 Responses

  1. Sucks about G-java/G-flash tho. Mark has made a BIG mistake!

  2. Yeah, it’s really too bad G-Java is going down.

  3. Hello,

    I would just like to point out that this new change will not cause ‘G-Java to go down’, or any of the similar creations. Although it will forbid official extending topics of discussion via the GMC, the creators may continue to work on these projects.

    Also, I would like to point out the source of this information:

  4. they should probaly add _OTHER_

  5. I agree. There should be an _OTHER_…

  6. As long as everybody uses the _OTHER_ tag, everyone will automatically accept it.

  7. How about using icons instead of tags beside the topic title?

  8. I think they discussed that, but it wasn’t an accepted solution because one of Shaltif’s planned outcomes of the new system was to have the ability to search the forums for a particular type of extension. Since you can’t search for smileys or icons, that wouldn’t work. Chronic is (or was) working on a way to allow [ and ] in the search engine so the tags could be like [DLL] (which looks nicer). But he was concerned it might pose a security risk. Currently the mods are discussing the system, and what to do with “other” projects in the “secret forum” stay tuned for more information.

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